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  1. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, we cannot get to the point to connecting a database. The screen displays blank with an error, not the screen with the list of the folders that need permissions changed to proceed from there. An "index.html" in the same folder displays just fine; "index.php" throws up the error screen. FYI - we have dozens of websites on the same server, and recently installed a Moodle site there also, so the server is working just fine. The Revive Adserver is the only script that is being uncooperative. After reading you link in detail, we DO have an AD BLOCKER running. We will experiment by turning that off to see if we can get the proper result.
  2. In the installation instructions, there is mention of a list of files that will display that will need their permission altered to complete an install. We are not seeing those files, see another post about Installation Failure. Can someone post the list of the files that need to be changed and what their permissions should be. Thank you.
  3. Doing a new install of latest download. Monitored URL as files were loading and the list was building. When completed, CTL F5 resulted in the standard "Internal Server Error" and the install is not accessible via a sub-directory. Our server has plenty of other sites running, with no install issues, DNS issues, etc. etc. Any suggestions on how to get the install files to display. We added an index.html file, but that didn't do anything. HELP is requested.
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