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    YPCrumble got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Getting 302 ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS   
    UPDATE: the issue was my permissions on my revive-adserver folder. I was installing them with 644 permissions rather than 700 into `/var/www/html`. By changing back permissions to 700 the redirect stopped. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.
    @Matteo do you happen to understand why the improper permissions might have caused this redirect, or which code is likely the source of the redirect? I'd love to submit a PR that causes Revive to fail loudly in the event that permissions are improperly set on its source files. That would have made this redirect issue much easier to debug.
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    YPCrumble got a reaction from andrewatfornax in Documenting the XMLRPC API and endpoints   
    @andrewatfornax haha that's completely understandable! I'm coming back to my adserver in ~February so will respond then.
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