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  1. Hi, I've upgraded openX to revive adserver 3.2.4, but after upgradation, I made sure that I've installed "Banner Delivery Logging Plugin" and enabled it. I couldn't see any log impression or clicks being stored in the database nor in revive web interface. It says, "There are currently no statistics available for the period 04-01-2018 to 04-01-2018" even when I click on the banner. What would be the reason? I'm attaching screenshot for the reference, https://ibb.co/jw4KUw https://ibb.co/gyqtpw
  2. The banner impression doesn't get stored in my Adserver. I found that "Banner Delivery Logging Plugin" could be missing from revive documentation. And yes it's missing in my Adserver. How can I install/enable this plugin "Banner Delivery Logging Plugin" ? I'm using Revive Adserver v3.2.4
  3. can anybody suggest how to install Banner Delivery Logging Plugin ?
  4. how can I download or enable "Banner Delivery Logging" plugin ?
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