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  1. Thanks for your time and help Andrew. We're talking a Revive implementaiton that is 7+ years old and has never been updated..... yah.. I was thrown into this mess. Andrew - could you direct me to any resources where I can find the necessary talent to diagnose/fix/secure our Revive implementaiton? Thanks, -Zach ^correction, 4+ years old
  2. Hi all, Started working with a company who has Revive v3 currently installed. Started several weeks back, we began experiencing traffic spikes originating from some suspicious domains: digitaldsp.com delotan.com go.oclasrv.com Reading up on these traffic sources, it appears they are adware/malware. My question - could this all be happening because of an outdated version of Revive that has been compromised? Thanks,
  3. Hi @andrewatfornax, Wondering if you have any updated information about Revive/GeoIP2 support? I'm also looking for geotargeting options for Revive. From my understanding, the currently supported Geolite DB is legacy and has not been updated in a decade - is this correct? Thanks ahead! -Z
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