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  1. Hi, Revive Adserver should support video-ads, for example mp4. But when I try to upload a mp4-file I get this message: I have problem uploading a video-ad: "The uploaded file does not have a valid extension. The file must be an image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.) or a SWF.Please make sure you selected a valid file."
  2. Hi, where do you put this code (which field)?
  3. No, I cant find the answer there. Anyone else who use trackling-code från advertisers?
  4. Hi, I've got an URL to track impressions from a company which advertise on our site? Where shall I put the URL-code? Under banner-settings: Append and prepend settings or Under Campaign - trackning settings?
  5. A customer has bought 1000 pageviews. But the customer want his banner to be shown only 30% SOV (share of voice), which means about every third pageview during a time period. Is that possible?
  6. I want to show a banner 20% of the pageviews during one session. How can I do that?
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