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  1. Howdy, ..Yearh well its a long time between drinks here pardner! Do you mean GData the german software company or google data protocol? ( I guess what does it matter a warning is a warning) Our experience with http://www.reviveadservermod.com and their many other similar websites under different but similar names was - they are expensive and after sale unresponsive. THEY ARE DEFINATELY C MINUS nearing a D allround. Our experience makes us think the warning is most likely right. But how can we check that for sure????!!!!!!!!!!!! They made it impossible to install their products out of the box so you are forced to use their service to instal their plugins. Once installed they lock them then leaving you no way of customising their non-layouts full of mistakes and dead ends and misleading hard to follow UI. I felt forced to use them for lack of anyone offering a cheap enough priced anything else as an alternative. Unless you have a healthy budget to buy the expensive stuff from the experts I can say support for revive either with advise or products, be it modules and plugins, is thin on the ground. From my perspective as a little guy Revive is a hard slog and this is one of a very small number of sites with seemingly trustworthy people behind it. Maybe in a few years when this site and other good sites like this made by good guys takes off a bit more things will be different for fresh starters. But until then ..Please, anything helpful you find, I for one would appreciate knowing about it What is 'injecting malicious code via drive-by surfing'? How can I check they havent done this to me?
  2. Thank you for that link I have read it thoroughly and am trying to follow each thread But not everything seems right when I have such consistently large descrepenacies- On 2nd Sept for example - awstats logs - 4,218 pageviews webalizer logs - 23,494 pageviews revive adserver logs - 449 requests and 60 impressions another example On 6th Sept - awstats logs - 2,599 pageviews webalizer logs - 15,302 pageviews revive adserver logs - 3168 requests and 111 impressions I could use samples of more wildly varying figures but none seem to giveaway any clues to what is going on anywhere as they are all so random. The only thing that is constant is revive ad server impressions are only a few hundred at best and webalizer is about 6x the figures of awstats and awstats is usually about 10x the figures of revive requests all 5 ads are in the top most module and have simlar figures to each other. I have ad blockers on and yet I can see the ads loading quickly before the rest of the site is ready on every page. The sites load time is poor but a large slide show on the frontpage is responsble and necessary. However even on this page I watch and see consistently the ads loading before the rest of the site.
  3. Some times what is obvious to you is not obvious to others. My questions may seem dim but your answers were very helpful and shone a lot of light on the subject for me. Thank you fornax!
  4. On a Joomla 2.5.site I have webalizer and awstats default stats with cpanel (also have a similar market niche Joomla! 3.6 site with similar cpanel stat results but not included in this topic) webalizer records 500,000 to 1m pageviews a month for last 3 years but rightly or wrongly I think thats unrealistic (wish it was right but rather be sensible) awstats records between 40,000 -240,000 per month over same period so am I wrong to expect my Revive Stats requests to be more than 300-500 requests a day? with impressions 20-60 impressions per ad? I have 5 or less ads in top of homepage and everypage Any obvious things I should check? or is that the drudgery of life I face?
  5. seriously! Thank you for the link to the documentation it is helpful but for a self taught developer it is very slow going understanding it. So how important is this? What if I don't follow this documentation? How important is it to be https:// ? I thought it was essential when dealing with money. Is this not necessarily so? or am I going to have to do it is just a matter of time?
  6. while youre moderating my notes can you answer how to change profile avatar? or havent I earned that yet?
  7. When I clicked on a lnk in an email from my revive ad server installation itself sending my my weekly report I experienced this message for the first time too. I noticed it sent me to http:// version of the frontend login page of my revive ad server. rather than the https:// version I had been using hence no problems with this You need to enable cookies before you can use error. I dont know how to fix the cause which would be for the report to redirect you to https:// version so I just put the s in the url address bar and it went away and I logged in. Not really a solution but hope it helps someone
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