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  1. Revive is not listed by Google as a supported ad network However.. OpenX supports the amp-ad tag for banners in AMP. Given the heritage of OpenX / Revive, I was hoping that there would be a way. According to Google documentation for using OpenX in AMP: Required fields are data-auid - The ad unit ID to display data-host - SSL-enabled OpenX delivery domain This an example they cite. All the JSON is optional and could be removed or altered... <amp-ad width="728" height="90" type="openx" data-host="domain.openx.net" data-auid="12345" json='{"dfp":{"targeting":{"sport":["rugby","cricket"]},"categoryExclusions":["health"],"tagForChildDirectedTreatment":1},"openx":{"customVars":{"marco":"polo","fates":["clothos","lachesis","atropos"]}}}'> </amp-ad> Using aquaplatorm to serve... I presume that data-host would be flow.aquaplatform.com But... What is the Revive value for a zone for data-auid From iframe, or asynchronous JS tag.. I 've tried many numbers shown in the invocation code. None seem to work. WHAT IS THE REVIVE VALUE FOR DATA-AUID AS USED IN OPENX??? Thanks
  2. Has there been any movement on this for google AMP compatibility? AMP is increasingly a big deal. At present the only insertion method at all is iFrame. And that cannot be near top, or middle of content, and Google doesn't like them. Google wants us to use the amp-ad tag. How much money would it take to do this? I'll consider funding it entirely.
  3. I need assistance in upgrading from 3.0.2 to 3.1.0... and then setting up single call. BIG database not sure of best way to proceed. Will pre-pay via PayPal for initial discussion and/or full work. Erik, are you available?
  4. HTML5 banners generated using Google Swiffy can't be put into HTML banner field in Revive, the Javascript conflicts, one has to serve them via an iframe. I want the banner to be responsive. There are a lot of variables in play: in the footer of the generated HTML5 file it has this in style tags: html, body width: 100%; height: 100% and it generates this in a div tag: id = swiffycontainer style="width: 728px; height: 90px" the iframe code i insert would normally be something like this (brackets removed so it won't render in this posting) iframe src="http://domainhere.com/images/banners/filename.html" width="728" height="90" frameborder="0" margin="0" padding="0" but i do not get responsive sizing. I also get some unwanted padding from the HTML file in the banner module. should changes be made to swiffy HTML file, to the iframe code i put into Revive, both? I've tried quite a few options and haven't gotten it right. Delighted to pay for assistance from a developer this is a commercial project. We do not want to serve Flash banners, HTML5 is the answer but i'm missing a few pieces of this puzzle. thanks...
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