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  1. Managed to resolved this by uninstalling 'Banner Delivery Logging Plugin' and re-installing the plugin.
  2. Recently upgraded to version 4.02. Banners are delivering properly but impressions are not recorded. On checking, I found 2 plugins with errors (Configuration > Maintenance > Plugins> Plugin Report). openXDeliveryLog 1.1.2 enabled Errors openXVideoAds 1.11.6 enabled Errors oxDeliveryDataPrepare: Plugin is not yet installed oxDeliveryDataPrepare oxDeliveryDataPrepare: Plugin not installed vastInlineBannerTypeHtml: is configured as installed but not found to exist I have tried re-installing them but the errors remain. Any advise please?
  3. found the problem...there were some files missing in the plugins folder. thanks v much!
  4. I get a "Error 500" when I attempt to access "Inventory" tab via "https" - All /www/admin/advertiser-*.php were displaying "Error 500" when I attempt to access via "https". It works fine when I access via "http". Any idea what is causing this?
  5. ok, noted. thanks for the reply
  6. Seems like there is no way to use another mail service other than php mail?
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