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  1. These two tables in our database are very large: b_data_intermediate_ad b_data_summary_ad_hourly Does anyone know what their purpose is and why they're so large?
  2. We use Revive Ad Server to set up banner ads. There is a campaign with an affiliate link (not a redirect, just a long url) that's been set up for Google Analytics to track stats they receive from our website with Revive Ad Server. We've received a report that Revive Ad Server clicks doesn't match with what Google Analytics reports. What could be the issue here?
  3. Looking for an answer too.
  4. Right now Google PageSpeed Insights marks all images from the Revive Ad Server as 'problematic'. Serve images in next-gen formats: Both 125x125 and 728x60 Efficiently encode images: 125x125 What can we use to optimize these images so they aren't marked as issues in Google PageSpeed Insights? Thanks!
  5. @andrewatfornax Are you able to offer any assistance with this one? Thanks!
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