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  1. @andrewatfornax Are you able to offer any assistance with this one? Thanks!
  2. An advertiser has a campaign. Can I use more than one banner for this one campaign so it would work as if the banner image/link is being rotated for the one campaign? Or would it increase the probability of the advertiser's campaign showing up more than other campaigns using one banner?
  3. We'd still like to know if it's possible or not. So it's not possible with a feature already included?
  4. Yes, that's OK but how would we have the advertiser's domains displayed in a web browser instead of the Ad Revive masked link for one campaign/banner? Is it a feature offered by default in Revive Ad Server? That's the question. Thanks!
  5. Yes, that's what we use. How would we do it for one campaign?
  6. From what I'm aware, we use zones and the invocation code for it. I haven't heard of Direct Selection and whenever I search it up, it says it's supposed to be deprecated or that you can't use it together with zones. So what is it and why does it still show up in traffic reports? Thanks!
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