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  1. It appears to be resolved in the admin control panel, however you missed updating the email that goes out advising of expiration. Example for an August expiration email notification The campaign belonging to XXX shown below is due to end on 01-08-2019. This should read 08-01-2019 for US format
  2. Doesn't seem to be fixed. Language has always been set to English US.
  3. Our programmer says the date format did not change, he says... mbeccati's instructions are already in place as shown in the attached screenshot from the new version - https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/983#issuecomment-400943340 account-preferences-timezone.php is set to America/Los_Angeles - https://www.xxx.com/bmg/www/admin/account-preferences-timezone.php Unless there should be a new option to select under account-preferences-timezone.php for the change to go into effect?
  4. It's still showing UK date format, is there a place to change it to US date format?
  5. I understand fully. Can I please get the data to change the code ourselves, like we had to do a dozen times before with our old programmer? It's obvious you don't have a priority on the US date format, since you are in the UK. Can you please help me get this info, I've requested it about a dozen times over the last 6 months with zero reply. Thank you.
  6. Any word on the next update guys? I'd like to get the code changes to do ourselves, if you are going to take much longer. Using the UK date format in the US confuses our sponsors, resulting in a loss of revenue. Please help us out, we've been very patient. Thank you.
  7. Hi Guys, It's been 3 months and the update has not happened yet. Any chance we can get it pushed forward or get the code directions to fix our issue? Thank you. @Matteo Beccati @andrewatfornax
  8. Hi Andrew, any luck getting us some help with this? Our last programmer had to edit it every time we upgraded, this has been going on for years, ever since Revive bought OpenX. Our new programmer doesn't know how to edit it yet, so we need some guidance. Meanwhile, our sponsors are getting confused by the stats and expiration dates. Thank you.
  9. Hi Andrew, We did over a week ago, still waiting for some support. https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/983 This bug has been in the software for years, however is now a little worse. Thank you.
  10. The main page advertiser-index.php date for US has the year at the beginning like this: 2018-02-24 The stats.php page for the client the date for US is showing as UK format with day first, then month, then year like this: 24-02-2018 The advertiser-campaigns.php page is also showing as UK format with day first, then month, then year like this: 24-02-2018 All of these areas should have the date displayed as 02-24-2018 How do we do this, until you get this bug sorted? Our sponsor are getting confused as to when they need to renew, when they are looking at stats for, etc. Thank you very much, we really appreciate your support.
  11. We'd like to be able to offer geotargeted ads to our clients, is this possible and if so, how? Also, how do we access the stats to see what part of the world all of our visitors are coming from? Than you so much, we are truly grateful.
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