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  1. We changed it to that and we're currently testing to see if it works. But I see a new version is out now. Was it fixed in the latest version?
  2. Do you know what we need to replace in the file by chance? (Off-topic note: The line is no longer accurate because of updates). Back around that time, we tried replacing $oEndDate->format($date_format), with $oEndDate->format('m-d-Y'), But it didn't work. It displayed m-d-Y in the emails so we reverted the file back to its previous contents.
  3. Thank you Andrew, we really appreciate it man. It's been over a year and a half now. When we used to ask OpenX, they simply sent us a quick easy email with a minor code change and we were able to fix it ourselves. For some reason, you guys don't want to give us that data. The issue has been going on for almost a decade.
  4. Yeah we've been trying to get a date code fixed for years with no help, just empty promises and requests for donations. Is there another software on the market that does what Revive does? We used OpenX for over a decade before they got bought out by Revive.
  5. We've updated to the latest version but the problem is still there.
  6. Is this possible? We want to do this so that (some) links from advertisers are more exposed to search engines.
  7. Thank you for doing what you can, we really appreciate it. As stated a dozen times since June of last year regarding this issue, we'll gladly donate once the issue is resolved :) Meanwhile, I'll see if our programmer can hire another programmer to figure it out. I wouldn't imagine it's rocket science; just scan the files and code for buzz words in the email, right?
  8. Yes, we updated both threads for maximum visibility and action. Can you please tell us where to edit it for now, until your next release? With all due respect, we've been reporting this issue for four years now; first three years you guys told us how to fix it every time you updated, the last year you won't tell us and keep saying it will be fixed. Meanwhile, our advertisers get upset from the incorrect dates, accounts expire without proper notice, they lose sales, we lose money and long term relationships, and it's all around bad business. Then you ask us for donations for work that hasn't been completed. :) Thank you for considering simply telling us where to edit the date format in the email template for now, like you always did before.
  9. Hello? Edit: Is there something like an email template in the software we can edit to fix this?
  10. Hi, Is it possible to use the set advertiser's URL from the banner link url destination instead of the Ad Revive Server's link on a per banner ad basis? https://www.domain.com/bmg/www/delivery/ck.php?blahblah Or is it possible to have it done globally? I would much rather like to know about it on a per ad basis. If you can send over instructions or a link to a guide, that would be great. Thanks!
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