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  1. Hi @andrewatfornax, great, I found it thanks! Then I will test it right away :-)
  2. Hi, yes would solve my issue. Is it possible to make Companion Positioning in Revive?. I don't think I have seen that before.
  3. I'm trying to set up a 2560x1440 wallpaper as background, with a 930x180 banner attached at the top. It needs to run as a campaign with frequence, so it is not possible just to book the two banners as exclusive, as I normally would do. The banners needs to run in about 20 different banner zones - to needs to be shown at the same time, so the 930x180 should be shown at the same time, as the 2560x1440 background. The 930x180 is a third party HTML tag - and the 2560x1440 is a local file. Does anybody know is this is possible to sort of melt the 2 banners together, so they are shown both at the same time, and it is possible to make them appear by frequency ? Thanks in advance :-)
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