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  1. Sorry, wasn't subscribed to updates. Yes, I could do that but the image tag/CSS also has to be updated, otherwise the image will just appear at twice the size. Ideally it would simply add the attribute data-src2x="image@2x.jpg" to the image tag, alongside the link to the original source.
  2. I think it would be great to add retina support. I think this could be done using a plugin rather than written into core? Perhaps we can start a discussion about developing it here if people are interested? I guess that the plugins already have access to the viewport information since some of this is available to the Delivery Limitations Plugin. Then you'd need to scale a copy of the image when the user uploads a double-resolution image producing two copies, one with @2x appended to the basename. Then when a request comes in the server would check the viewport (fallback?) and serve the correct image. Josh
  3. Hey, So I successfully managed to get logging working after upgrading to 3.0.0 from an old OpenX installation, and it was running for a few days. I then saw the upgrade to 3.0.2 and went through the incredibly laborious process of upgrading, only to discover after a few days that it wasn't logging statistics any more! So I disabled and re-enabled the plugins, uploading the zips from a fresh copy of 3.0.2. Today I discovered that when I disabled the plugin Revive dropped the old statistics tables. Deleted my data! So then I recreated the tables and it seems to be logging data. So, first I would assume that an ad delivery system should have logging built in. Then, when I disable a plugin I don't want my data deleted. Ever! It seems like a lot of people have had problems with upgrade and logging. I would hope that the next version should have an automatic upgrade, and not break all the plugins. I can't afford to have missing statistics either, since we depend on that for billing clients. Josh
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