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  1. I couldn't login today, so I had a password resend started. I got the message a mail was sent. But... I don't remember the email adress I used for the admin account... where can I find that?
  2. Well, no... because it is about how to implement the Revive Adserver in WordPress. And usually, with questions like these, WordPress support will point at the plugin/serviceprovider, which in this case is Revive Adserver (note: I am not a coding-wizz, just a guy trying to put together some building blocks to get a website running). I can of course just make some widgets within WordPress and dump the invocation code in there, that shouldn't be a problem. The in-content though, is a bit tricky...
  3. Greetings all, I was sad. So sad. Sad to discover that OpenX was no more. Then I discovered a similar project, named Revive Adserver. Which...looked remarkably the same. Oh my! This is OpenX! It isn't gone, it's still here! So I want to use this again, but I have some questions, as I have made the transition to Wordpress sites recently. 1) How do I use Revive Adserver in WordPress? I found some OpenX plugins, but I see none for Revive Adserver 2) How can I post advertisements within the content of my WP posts (automatically, I want a 250x250 zone in each article, after the 3rd paragraph. Thank you for reading, and responding.
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