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  1. I can confirm the same. We have just upgraded from 4.2.1 to 5.0.5: Upgrade worked fine. No Errors during upgrade process. However, we receive a warning in the Adservers product update page: (warning: database is stamped as v4.2.1)
  2. Hi scott, we send all props to Andrew later today. So it's ongoing. I'll Keep you updated on the status.
  3. @andrewatfornaxYou have an E-Mail-Adress?
  4. @andrewatfornax sorry, had been on holiday. upgrade issue still exists. we are still not able to upgrade to RS 5. What info would you need to look at it? I'll ask our admin to provide all relevant info for you or would be fine to give Access for you as well. what would you prefer? text a pm. manuel
  5. Update is still not working. After upgrading we faced these issues: - Database stamp still on old version (no changes made to database) - In the mainatainance wizard the interface still asked to upgrade to Version 5.0.2 (although upgraded) - All campaigns received new start and campaign dates "0000-00-00" - All targeting rules totally broken or dissapperard We are now still working on 4.2.1; no Chance to get 5.0.2 running with old data. We are using revive since 12 years. We did some upgrade Trials with other old installations as well. Some issues seam to apply since
  6. @scott001 same here. No chance to update. We have tried several times, also with tweaking it manually. We tried to reproduce it with a sequence of old installations. same as with our working Installation. Not working. @andrewatfornax If any of the coders want to reproduce that issue on a working enviroiment, feel free to get in touch with me. Hope we can jointly sort that bug.
  7. We have updated from RV 4.2.1 now to 5.0.2 (upgrading to 5.0 was not working due to the bugs already described). The upgrade to 5.0.2 worked fine now (no Errors) however, the data base ist still stamped to v4.2.1 "Sie nutzen derzeit Revive Adserver v5.0.2 (warning: database is stamped as v4.2.1) laufend auf nginx 1.10.3, PHP 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.7 und MySQL 5.7.28-0ubuntu0.16.04.2". In the mainatainance wizard the interface asks to upgrade to Version 5.0.2 because we do not have the latest Version ... In the install log of previous Version we receive this:
  8. I am confused about the new geopip feature from RV 5.0 and above and the required maxmind database. Example: We are primarily targeting European countries (Country Level e.g. Spain, Germany) occassionally targeting zip-Codes in Europe (Germany only) and very rarely countries outside Europe (USA only) Based on the example I am wondering … Do we need to buy the country AND city database or would it be enough to buy the city database only, assuming city level covers country level as well? Does the city database also cover European zip-Codes? At th
  9. We have deleted old campaigns through the interface, eliminatiing potential old targeting rules and reducing the database from 34gb to 20gb. upgrade tasks performed quicker but we still get the same warning as before: "Sie nutzen derzeit Revive Adserver v5.0.0 (warning: database is stamped as v4.2.1)" no matter what we do, we are still not able to fully upgrade our revive instance.
  10. Hi Scott! We have the same issue. Refer to Forum entry: Seems to be the same issue and a general issue for all installations that run since a few years.
  11. We are not able to upgrade our Revive Adserver to 5.0.0. After the update the delivery rule sets are completely broken and can't be fixed by the maintenance/repair function either. Else, the DB seems to stay always at 4.2.1 version. More in Detail: Running the upgrade process the "Recompile_Acls" task and it seems to stall for a couple minutes, eventually throwing "Error occurred when running installation task "Recompile_Acls": Request timed out" while apparently finishing the upgrade successfully. After logging in to the upgraded Revive Adserber, product upd
  12. Hi Andrew! I am struggling with delivering a banner to all Desktop users from Germany. Using Version 4.0.0 Initially i thought: GEO Country Germany AND Operating System Version any Windows OR Operating System Version any OS X OR Operating System Version any Linux But in this case, it delivers also to any OS X users in any country. To cut it short: If I will target Desktop (or Mobile) users in a specific country I would need to setup a banner for each operating system and limit it to the country, right? There is no way to combine a set of limit
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