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    andrewatfornax reacted to a.hadi in Problem in Linking banner   
    Thanks Erik, solved the issue! 
    Yes I was missing something to add. 
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Problem in Linking banner   
    Did you create a website and a zone yet? 
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    andrewatfornax reacted to SexiestPicture in Pop on click   
    Fair enough and thanks for taking the time. I will check out that link in the morning. 
    Thanks again,
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    andrewatfornax reacted to persianwhois in Campaigns JavaScript code   
    Nice! Fixed ...
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Campaigns JavaScript code   
    See https://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/troubleshooting-banner-delivery/
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in An error occurred while accessing the database   
    That error message is pretty obvious, I suggest starting by fixing the file/folder permissions problems that are being reported.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Validate maintenance is running correctly?   
    That file is not designed to show any output other than what you saw.
    You can see if it's running correctly when you log in as an administrator, go to the "Configuration" tab and the click "Maintenance" in the left hand menu.
    If you have a cron job, and it works OK, it will say something like "Scheduled maintenance is running correctly."
    The script is designed to run only once per hour. If you hit it multiple times per hour, it'll just ignore the rest.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in 500 error on the asyncspc   
    Check your web server's error log, the cause of the error should be listed there.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Dave Brain in Many zones in single page   
    Might be the following reasons for not show another banner in same page : 
    1. Have you enabled "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page" option while taking the invocation tag?
    2. In advertiser edit page, whether you checked this option " Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page" ? 
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Neurogami in Can Revive used with fail2ban?   
    Not yet, but I do not want to deploy until I have sufficient security in place.  I've been using Revive locally as I get familiar with it.  
    I do not want to wait until the brute force happens (and it will) and then have to rely on the Revive random delay for log-in attempts.
    I see now that Revive has no option to log sign-in attempts so I've been hacking about to write a plugin for that. 
    Sadly, the plugin development docs are pretty dismal.  (Current Revive source code still references the now-dead URL https://developer.openx.org/wiki/display/COMM/Plugins+for+2.8)
    edit:  It occurred to me that, with no failed authorization logging, how would one know if there have been brute-force attacks? Parse the access log for repeated calls to the sign-in page?   Anyways, I added code (maybe 10 lines in total) to my installation to write to the syslog when sign-in fails, and now I can have fail2ban handle this for me.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Changing Delivery File Names   
    Instead of renaming the files, I would like to mention the option to use symlinks.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to firstimpression in Change www to public   
    This is very problematic.
    I'd suggest you to put a symlink named "www" that would point to "public".
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    andrewatfornax reacted to firstimpression in CORS Problem   
    As a temp walkaround: if you use nginx as frontend you can add headers in nginx host config.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in Installation issue: The session save path '4;/hermes/phpsessions' is not writable.   
    '4;/hermes/phpsessions' weird path?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Werner in Error 403 on long get Request   
    Own property. It was a mod_rewrite rule. Sorry
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    andrewatfornax reacted to saschadd in Best way for https only use?   
    Its working now. I had a misconfiguration in my webserver.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Please update the Upgrading Revive Adserver article   
    The upgrade instructions are correct , if you follow them and if your server meets the requirements, the path to the old version will be displayed as a default.
    I will include a note in the instructions, though, to inform readers that it must be the absolute folder on the server (and also not a url). 
    Update: the upgrade instructions have been edited to include a note about the path.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to dhoran in Upgrade from 3.2.2 to 4.0   
    I found the solution.   The new-version/var/domain.conf.php - I also needed to edit the database type
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in How To Creat advertising Acount   
    I recommend you start by reading some of our documentation at http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/User+Guide
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"   
    You simply have nothing running on the HTTPS port. You'd need to install mod_ssl and install a certificate.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in HTML5 Banner Ads   
    Revive Adserver supports the creation of HTML banners, in which you can paste snippets of HTML code. As of Revive Adserver v4, these can be as large as 16 MB (see https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/revive-adserver-v4-0-0-released/). This was done to support those Flash banners that are being converted to HTML5 using tools like Swiffy. I hope nobody will ever make a 16 MB banner ad, by the way, that's just plain ridiculous.
    HTML5 often consists of more than a long piece of HTML code (think CSS, JS and image files). There is no way yet to upload those supporting resources directly, but it is being consider for one of the future releases. You are more than welcome to contribute to that effort.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Best plugin for geo targeting   
    The current version of Revive Adserver and the included geotargeting plugin do not work with MaxMind's GeoIP2, because MaxMind made their new product in a way that is completely different and thus incompatible. You can get the files you need from here http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/ .
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Empty zone request beacon with lg.php   
    It's intentional, and it has been like this for almost 2 years now. Blank impressions are logged in order to have accurate forecasting for every zone, even if there is no banner displayed.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Upload banners issue   
    Moved to the appropriate sub-forum (this is not likely to be a plugins issue, where you posted it).
    From your report, it seems your server is blocking you from uploading files at all. Could be a security thing, but most likely it's an incorrect permission.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Revive Adserver Forum in Thanks to our sponsor: Platform IQ   
    In our last blog post, discussing the results of the Revive Adserver 2016 Community Survey, we highlighted the fact that, on the whole, the community would like to see more features added to Revive Adserver, but that there were mixed views on how this should happen – a mixture of improving documentation to allow more developers to contribute, as well as seeking corporate sponsorship or crowdfunding to allow the core developers to spend more time working on the project.
    Following on from that theme, the core Revive Adserver team would like to publicly thank Platform IQ, who have now sponsored the development work for two core features: they paid for both the development work in the Revive Adserver 4.0 release to replace the phpSniff library for browser & operating system detection with the more modern Sinergi library, and for the development of the asynchronous tags feature that was introduced in Revive Adserver v3.2 in the spring of 2015.
    Without Platform IQ’s sponsorship, it is likely that these features would not have been released. If you are in need of professional services for Revive Adserver, then please do consider Platform IQ, given their very generous sponsorship of the Revive Adserver development effort. You may even notice some advertising appearing from Platform IQ, across our site and forum in the near future, as we experiment with ways to generate revenue to enable us to develop new functionality in Revive Adserver.
    In addition, we also want to thank Aqua Platform, who are sponsoring the hosting of our website, forum site, and other sources, and the SSL certificates we use. Aqua Platform specializes in Revive Adserver hosting, and have been a great help when we were doing performance testing for the improved browser and operating system targeting functionality in Revive Adserver v4.0.
    We would also like to take this opportunity to let larger, corporate users of Revive Adserver know that if they have a need for new functionality to be added to Revive Adserver, then we would please ask that they get in touch with the core team. We would love to discuss your needs, particularly if it’s a commonly requested feature. It may be that even a modest contribution towards the development of the feature will help make it happen faster, especially if there are a number of corporate users looking for the same functionality.
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