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    andrewatfornax reacted to Richard Foley in Is There Any Front End / User Area?   
    You need to create user access account/rules: http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/73-can-i-add-more-user-account-in-revive/
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in Adsense Banner   
    Hi Simone,
    Revive will only show banners you have created, else something else is wrong if a third party does so. What you also could think about is the possibility to outsource the hosting.
    kind regards,
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    andrewatfornax reacted to hippoking in 3Rd Party Popunder Code   
    problem solved.
    I should use js code rather than iframe code.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to goldentuna in How Do We Get The Detail Raw Impresison Data (Table Newsads_Data_Raw_Ad_Impression)?   
    Thank you for letting us know - we kind of assumed that and have started working on the code to accomplish what we need.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Error: The Xajax Javascript File Could Not Be Included.   
    It is part of the distributed code, see here:
    Have you checked if that file is actually there on your server?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Richard Foley in Newbie Here. Something Went Wrong...   
    Perhaps this may be a cache issue. There are server caches to look at, your browser(!) cache, proxy caches, and the Revive /var/cache/ and var/templates_compiled/ as well. Maybe one of those have something to do with the problem?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Dave Brain in Upgrade To 3.2.1 - No Previous Version Of Revive Adserver Detected   
    Have you placed the configuration file on new adserver directory? From this only previous version will be detect. 
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Adservermods in Cant Detect The Banner In Zones   
    Make sure that, created banner size and zone size are match. Else it won’t display in the banner linking section.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Ian vM in Ads Hosting   
    That all depends on how you configure it. It is possible to host them locally, or use a CDN or so.
    If you are worried about the limitations of your hosting provider you could also think about letting your Revive Adserver host by a company specialised in it.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to shep65 in No stats being recorded   
    Even though it says maintenance is running, I get a message telling me it isn't when I log in
    I check the log and it hasn't run for 12 months
    I used parallels to schedule a task
    and run this script
    Hopefully this will work
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    andrewatfornax reacted to titanium in Remove borders from zone Style Simple   
    Sorry i didn't answer sooner, i had so much work and i forgot that i asked the question here. The problem was inside my style.css file, the class .img from my theme had some borders, so i removed them and now everything is perfect. Thanks for the reply though. 
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Kirill in Problem Adding New Advertisers   
    Disabled ModSecurity and all works... thanks
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Kirill in Problem Adding New Advertisers   
    Hi @Kirill,
    https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=8028358 ?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Riyas in Run A Campaign On Specific Day? E.g Only On Friday Every Month.   
       Yes its available in default revive ad-server
       In banner delivery options you need to select  Time - Day of week then select the day as Fr.
       The banner will be delivered only Friday.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Richard Foley in Can't Install Openxdevelopertoolbox Plugin   
    Got it. Remove the offending language files (*.mo + *.po) and repackage the zip using the script provided in the directory. It's not that complicated
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    andrewatfornax reacted to knofun in Fresh Install On Nginx - Stuck In Welcome Loop   
    I am on CentOS 6.5, and this fix totally worked. Thanks 9500!!
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    andrewatfornax reacted to 9500 in Fresh Install On Nginx - Stuck In Welcome Loop   
    What OS are you using?
    I've had a similar problem with CentOS 6.6, nginx and PHP 5.3. I've solved the problem by changing ownership of the /var/lib/php/session folder to the nginx user.
    If you're using CentOS/RHEL, you can try with this:
    sudo chown nginx:nginx /var/lib/php/session
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Point Banner To An Email Address   
    All you have to do is use mailto: syntax. So instead http://www.example.com to link to a web page, you can use mailto:info@example.com to link to an e-mail address.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to sblombliz in Delivery Problems With My Ad Server   

    I must put crossdomain.xml in the DOCROOT of my site.
    content of file:
    <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd"> <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain="*" /> </cross-domain-policy> Hoping can help anyone.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Matteo Beccati in Banners Repeated/Duplicated When Using Single Page Call   
    @andrewatfornax I believe the original poster just put
    OA_show(2); multiple times on the same page...
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    andrewatfornax reacted to firstimpression in Images not displaying in Admin UI   
    According to this webserver config, any request like mydomain.com/images/image.jpeg would be fetched from /opt/revive-adserver-4.0.1/www/images/image.jpeg.
    You have to configure your webserver accordingly if you want to serve over HTTP anything that is outside of www folder. You can use Alias or RewriteRule directives.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Bernard O in https on adserver and serving ads   
    If anyone wants to know the solution for this:
    1) Terminate SSL on the ELB and route to port 80
    2) Force SSL in the UI Config: admin/account-settings-user-interface.php
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    andrewatfornax reacted to firstimpression in Ads Stopped Appearing after Low Disk Space   
    @Accuraty, from my experience, after you run out of disk space, and after you solve the issue by freeing up some space, you have to restart MySQL. Otherwise it just continues to behave as if there is still no space available.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to JimAtkinson in Share your location with net97banners.3wk.com? error   
    Erik: Sorry about the K. Actually my cats name is Erik with a K. Erik with a K was the 1st guy who hired me in radio.
    I fixed the issue. Turned out Sovrn had a little radio button when you grab their tags that said " Opt-In for Geo Location (readers on mobile devices only)".
    I'd left it turned on. It was not turned on on my other sites.
    Thanks so much Erik. You're always helpful, and I'm so glad you're still there.
    Jim Atkinson
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Diapproach in Regarding geo targeting   
    thanks man!
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