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    andrewatfornax reacted to Dave Brain in Can I Stop Delivery Some Banners In Specific Pages   
    You can skip your ads to deliver from specific pages. To set this, Edit the banner you want to skip and Click "Delivery Options", in this page, select "delivery limitation" as "Site-Page URL" and click "Add" button. Then choose the option and set the page you want to skip. Finally click "Save Changes" button.
    Banner delivered based on the setting you have set up.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to mech422 in Text Ads Not Working On Safari 6/7 ?   
    Now it just magically started working?!?!
    I cleared var_cache and var_templates - wonder if thats what did it ?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to OlegSm in Banner Isn't Displayed   
    The problem appeared not in the program and not in the server. A problem in the plug-in of Dr.Web Link Check for the FireFox browser.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to pgrujic in Gui Not Working   
    Make sure you have either disabled AdBlock or any ad blocking extension in your browser. You can also whitelist your revive domain in the adblock and should work fine. 
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from savith in Add Custom Ad Format   
    Hi @savith,
    Would it work delivering as an HTML banner?
    You would need to host the "package" of resources separately, though.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to spinko in Modsecurity Errors   
    was able to whitelist the script in modsecurity.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to DanM2 in Stats Not Updating   
    In an update to this situation, I ran a check and auto-repair on the database itself in case of any issues, where a few row counts were altered slightly.  Manual maintenance didn't seem to help much after, but it appears that I had success with the republish.php script which I saw referenced in another thread, used as follows:
    php /home/xxxxxxx/live/scripts/maintenance/tools/republish.php hostname '2014-11-26 00:00:00' '2014-12-02 23:59:59'
    For a period of time, yesterday's stats weren't coming up nor were today's save for what appears to have been an hour's worth.  But as I ran scripts one more time before posting, they all came as well.  This appears like it can be chalked up to a database table issue that likely occurred after the reboot.  I just wanted to update this with what happened in case anyone comes across this in the future, as well as bring the above script to light since save the post I came across randomly from a few years ago on a Google search, there doesn't appear to be any information on it outside of that post.
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from giantstep in Simple Responsive Ads   
    Hi @giantstep,
    This is still the case. However, I can assure you, the core team are not stubborn people (well, okay, maybe sometimes!). Rather, we are just people who need to eat. We have jobs, and we have to spend time at those jobs, so that we can eat.
    However, there is good news! You can help us to spend less time at our jobs, so that we can both eat, and spend more time working on the project - which means that (if we can get enough people helping out as well), we will be glad to implement these kind of new features!
    Help us out here: https://www.patreon.com/revive_adserver
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Updating From Revive 3.0.x To 3.0.5 (Or Latest Version) - How To?   
    Please follow the process described on the page at http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/ . Upgrading and Updating is the same.
    Do not simply copy the new files over the old files, it will result in a broken system.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to firstimpression in Decrase Bandwith Usage   
    You can also try enabling gzipping on your webserver, this will save about 50% of HTML/JS (although, it will not compress your images any more).
    If you have multiple zones, then try to implement single page call, this will significantly save overhead bandwidth of querying code per each zone.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Snoork Hosting in Decrase Bandwith Usage   
    15 GB of bandwidth in 10 days is very little. You could optimize your images by compressing them. You could check http://imageoptimizer.net/
    Also you can try using CloudFlare (www.cloudflare.com) to save your bandwidth.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Erik Geurts in Is It Possible To Add A Campign For A User Login As An Advertisor?   
    An advertiser user can view the statistics of their own campaign, but they can't make any changes.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Riyas in Where Is Debug.log?   
    debug file is located in var folder of your Revive Adserver (revive/var/)
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Display Name in campaign with changing adds   
    Banner --> Delivery Options -> Time - Date
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    andrewatfornax reacted to nirbarnirbar in Bug- Duplicate Entry   
    I repair the table and it now working fine.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Matteo Beccati in Nothing But Errors   
    This might be related to required functions being disabled, e.g. parse_ini_file.
    Please replace your pre-check.php file with the one available here and you might see a nice error screen instead of all those error messages.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Arkchand in Ad Size Not Linked To Correct Advertiser   
    Hi SuziBR,
    You can link the Zone with the appropriate Banner from the Advertiser in the revive Adserver under Default manager.
    --> Login as the Admin, switch to Default manager.
    --> Click on Inventory.
    --> Click on zones
    --> In the zone list section, beside the name, you can see "Linked banners".
    --> Click on Linked banner link and you will have the option to select the banner for the zone.
    --> select "Link Individual banners" or "Link Banners by parent campaign".
    --> Select the advertiser to link. The Advertiser who has the banners of the matching size will be listed.
    you can link the appropriate banners in the section.
    Hope so you got the details. If you need any further details, provide more information about your requirement.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Matteo Beccati in Asynchronous Js Tag   
    Yes, that's pretty unfortunate. We were hoping that this kind of bugs could be identified and reported during the beta period. For now, I've created a bug report: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/529
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    andrewatfornax reacted to gabrielt in Responsive Advert View   
    Please take a look at this other topic where this is discussed
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    andrewatfornax reacted to bastienvans in No Images And Css After Installation   
    Turn off Adblocker?
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Docent in Upgraded To 3.2.0 But Do Not See Asynchronous Tag Option   
    Not sure how you upgraded your installation, however all plugins are zipped in /etc/plugins.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to Dave Brain in Broken: Click Counts/delivery   
    Clicks also should work if impressions stores without any issues if we didn't made any changes on revive adserver.
    Please check this settings need to be checked "Log a click every time a viewer clicks on a banner", from Configuration --> Banner Logging Settings page from administrator screen. 
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    andrewatfornax reacted to SLM in Upgrading from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 getting error - No Stats, No Bannerpreview in ACP   
    The problem is solved.
    The admin_account_id value in the application_variable table was set to a wrong value. After I have set the value back to 1, everything works again.
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    andrewatfornax reacted to shawn in why is __oadest= param giving error at click with hostgator   
    solved- it was   a  mod  security  issue  at  hostgator
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    andrewatfornax got a reaction from Crssp in Three Sidebar Ad zones shared Contract ads   
    Hi @Crssp,
    Welcome! This is a complex topic, and I'm actually working on some more documentation to try and explain better how Revive Adserver decides which banner to display for a zone, and after that, I probably need some better documentation on how it calculates priorities.
    However, in the meantime, here are some thoughts that may help:
    You say that when you go to view the probabilities for Zone 2, it says that there is a 95% chance of showing the remnant ad, and a 2.5% chance each of showing the two links contract ads. Is that wrong? You don't provide any details of how many impressions that zone is delivering per month - perhaps 2.5% of the zone impressions is, in fact, all that is needed to get to 25k impressions? However, I suspect that's not the case, because you're talking about a test setup, so I doubt you are putting "live" levels of impressions through your test setup. In that case, what you may be seeing is "slow start" to campaigns - newly created campaigns are deliberately set to have a low priority level, just when they are created, to help try and ensure that they don't blow through your entire campaign budget in the first hour. You can certainly move away from contract campaigns to remnant, to get a more even distribution, but it depends what you want - an even distribution, or the delivery pf a target number of impressions! Hope that helps.
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