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  1. Thanks for the input. I would argue that page load speed shouldn't be an issue if Revive Adserver is installed on something with appropriate power (i.e. you don't get speed for free!) and that you can avoid blocking loading of the main content with bottom loading JS + CSS positioning -- but I certainly understand the point. Glad you have a work around for now, and I'll certainly be having a chat with the Revive team about if we feel this is something we can take on to develop. Thanks also for confirmation of the same theme above - seems to be important for people to allow main content to load first, and allow ads to load later when their Revive Adserver isn't so fast, as well as being easy to do without even something as relatively simple as bottom loading JS + CSS. It's definitely on my radar (if not definitely something I'm committing time to yet, because I really want to keep working on the documentation for a while to come for now.) Last thought from me would be that if Revive Adserver is going to be at the forefront of ad servers, then we're going to need a great community to help us progress, because we won't be able to do it without that! Thanks, Andrew
  2. Works okay for me. What version of Revive Adserver? Do you have access as an administrator account at all, or is that locked out completely? What page are you on when you try to switch? Are you using the UI to try to switch, or manually entering a URL? I'd like a lot more detail about what you're actually doing to be able to understand things, please.
  3. Could you please define what "works" vs. "doesn't work" means? I'm assuming that you are saying that when you target a banner to only be displayed if the user is coming from Nambia, you're seeing the banner appear for users not from Nambia, or something like that? Do you have example IP addresses being used when things work vs. not working?
  4. Delivery limitations only restrict where a banner can be shown - they don't, unfortunately, magically prevent other banners from showing. So, if you have banners that have no delivery limitations set, then it's perfectly valid for those banners to be shown to your Android users. The only issue may be the question - why are these banners showing in preference to the ones you want to see? That may all be a question of prioritisation....
  5. As I said: I think the only way to do that is to have your site modify the JS invocation code before that code is output to the user's browser.
  6. Thanks! But please submit as a pull request in GitHub.
  7. See also: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins+Missing+or+Disabled
  8. I would agree that if your hosting company won't upgrade PHP to something more modern that at least 5.1, then it's really time to think about moving to a new hosting provider. That's really, really old and quite shocking if they think they can get away with that.
  9. See http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/937-issue-with-delivering-the-amount-contracted/ ? Seems like Revive Adserver does do a reasonable job, when things are set just so...
  10. Hi Andreas, I don't know for sure, but I would imagine it's been turned off. You may be able to get to the site via a web cache, though. Yes, I would expect that we'll eventually write up developer documentation -- well beyond what OpenX used to have -- but it's going to have to come after the user and admin documentation, unfortunately, as that's what most users want to see right now (and which I'm actively working on as much as I can). Let is know if you have anything specific you need to know re: development, and maybe we can capture the questions and answers as we go to develop the docs...
  11. Did the issue resolve itself after a while? It may have been just that the delivery cache was created with only one campaign active in the zone, and after a while, the second campaign started appearing, when the cache expired?
  12. What would have helped would have been what the failure on the check step actually was! But it sounds like it was this. I see no reason why you can't run Revive Adserver using an AWS RDS - but the server you are installing on will still need an installation of PHP with MySQL support in it to be able to work.
  13. White page with no output generally means some kind of catastrophic error in generating the page output. Check you web server logs for errors explaining what and why!
  14. Hi Howard, No, no specific ideas - anything in your web server logs showing errors?
  15. What more would you want to do? Not sure I understand your issue - you create the zones, then add the banners, link them, and include the zones (in this case, via iframe) on your website...
  16. Is Wordpress escaping your JavaScript tags, so that when you insert the code from Revive Adserver into Wordpress, it's breaking the tags?
  17. Hi GavrilV4, Which settings are set, and what emails are not sent? Please help us to help you by asking specific questions (ideally, in their own topic, rather than adding to an existing thread). Thanks, Andrew
  18. Well, async loading is clearly a hot topic, so it's something to really think about for me in terms of perhaps including it on the roadmap. Just for my own sanity, though - given the complexity of async loading, and as Erik has mentioned, the risks it introduces in terms of cross-browser compatibility - why is it so important to you all (i.e. those +1ing above)? Why would async loading be any better than, say, putting your standard JS tags at the bottom of the page with appropriate CSS to position them? Is it just that this approach is too complex for most people to cope with, and you'd all rather have something that might not always work, but is less effort to think about in terms of just being able to drop into the site where you need the ads? Or am I missing something else? Thanks.
  19. Hi Gabriel, Thank you for the detailed update. Personally, I'd say that Revive Adserver getting delivery within a couple of percent is really good. Obviously, there are ways to make things better - but all of the ways that I can think of mostly involve ripping most of the guts of the entire product as it stands today apart, and starting again - which isn't currently something i"m planning on taking on in the near future! What's your view on that level of delivery accuracy? Something that's okay to live with, or utterly unacceptable from the product that really needs to be addressed? What do others following along think? Cheers, Andrew
  20. If you didn't have any remnant campaigns before (I assume so from the post) then you may need to wait a couple of weeks unfortunately before things improve - after 2 weeks, Revive Adserver uses a longer-term algorithm to predict the number of impressions in a zone, so it will take a while for the effect of having a remnant campaign active to come into effect. UPDATE: Just to help anyone reading old posts via a Google search, Revive Adserver no longer requires "a couple of weeks" to learn and predict traffic. It uses a simpler approach now, and waiting a few weeks won't make any difference to how well Revive Adserver delivers.
  21. Possible causes could include click fraud or bots. You may want to know about: http://www.openxtips.com/2010/04/tip-44-blocking-statistics-by-ip-address-and-user-agent/
  22. And we managed to get this all fixed, so, Revive Adserver can be made to work, no secret code changes were required :-)
  23. Try: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins+Missing+or+Disabled ?
  24. Anything in the logs about table locks preventing access? Although, even then, the next time maintenance runs, it should "catch up" the missing hour, assuming the data was logged in the first place. Can you confirm that stats did exist? Any pattern to missing hours that you have noticed?
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