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  1. Easy - set up your Google Adsense tags as HTML banners in a remnant campaign with the lowest priority, and link the campaign/banners to the zone(s). Revive Adserver will deliver your other campaign(s) as required, and only show the Google Adsense banners when not required and/or when your other campaigns have ended.
  2. Hi Marc, 1. If you want to show each banner equally, I would recommend running each banner - probably each in an advertiser specific campaign to allow each advertiser access to stats as you want - with equal weights for all the banners and campaigns. This way, Revive Adserver will set things up so that every banner has an identical probability of being selected in each linked zone. For more information, see: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Creating+a+campaign HOWEVER 2. Things start to get complicated because although you are talking about wanting to show all of the banners an equal number of times, you're then talking about billing customers on a CPC basis, and wanting them to have a minimum spend. If you start running things using the Contract campaign type, and setting that each campaign has a target of 3,334 clicks/month (i.e. $10,000 month / $3 CPC), then Revive Adserver will no longer attempt to display each banner an equal number of times. Instead, it will try to display banners as often as required to, in it's opinion based on past performance of the click-through rate, obtain the required number of clicks. So, if you had one banner that gets a 50% click through rate, Revive Adserver will only try to deliver that banner 6,668 times in a month, while a banner with a 1% click through rate will need to be delivered 333,400 times to obtain the same number of target clicks. 3. Revive Adserver always does the best it can to deliver the impressions at a rate that will ensure that the clicks are spread out evenly over the campaign duration. However, unfortunately, Revive Adserver can't make people click when it wants them to, so there will of course be some variation from perfect delivery. Revive Adserver will adapt its plan of delivery as it goes along to account for peaks/troughs in success. 4. You can set up users & accounts for your customers to log in with, and you can customise the logo. HTH.
  3. Are you absolutely certain that the "php" you are using when you run that command line call is the same PHP that you are calling when you hit Revive Adserver via the web server? It's pretty easy to have more than one installation of PHP on a server. Easiest way to check would be to create a web page with the phpinfo(); call in it, and check that the MySQL client extension is installed and enabled via the web server...
  4. What was the issue? It's always helpful for other users in the community if you can let people know what the issue was, and how you fixed it, so anyone with the same problem can find this page in the future and know what to do... and/or I can add things to the documentation!
  5. Sorry, but no, Revive Adserver doesn't support a "self service" model where users can sign up and either sell or purchase inventory.
  6. Yes! http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Logging+Settings
  7. I totally agree. The main issue we have with the UI is that there's no separation of content and presentation, as the origins stretch all the way back to PHP3 (if you can remember back that far), apart from the one (or two, or maybe three) areas where various developers/companies over time have had a stab of introducing something more MVC-like, all in different ways. I was talking with the other core developers a few weeks ago, and we all would love to take on this job - but honestly, I think it would need me to be able to put a year, full time, into this to really be able to take it on....
  8. It would be possible to create a plugin for Revive Adserver to use MongoDB as a data store for logging. However, this would not by any means be a trivial task.
  9. I can honestly say that we've changed absolutely nothing in the Revive Adserver 3.0.x series of releases from the most recent 2.8.x of OpenX Source. So, there is absolutely no difference in how Revive Adserver predicts zone inventory, prioritises campaigns, and delivers. That said, we know things are not perfect - there are some circumstances where we know under-delivery can happen, and we also have some ideas for how we might be able to make things better. Stay tuned!
  10. Sorry, no, it's not possible. The wiki you're talking about belonged to OpenX (the company), so, what they did with that after we took over the ad server is their business. Unfortunately, we just don't have that content.
  11. Good news! I've just finished a troubleshooting guide for "no statistics". Hopefully it will help! http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics
  12. Maybe you want a / at the start of the path, assuming that is a supposed to be an absolute path, rather than local?
  13. No, unfortunately, I don't know if Revive Adserver works with Varnish - not something I have tried yet. Revive Adserver definitely works fine with multiple web servers, though. It looks like for some reason, Revive Adserver thinks that cookies are not able to be set. Are you able to confirm that cookies are being set by the domain that you're installing Revive Adserver on, in the browser you're using?
  14. I wrote this up in 2009, but it still seems roughly right: http://www.openxtips.com/2009/07/tip-20-protect-your-site-from-openx-hangs/ It doesn't go into a lot of detail about how to position with CSS, as I felt at the time that was beyond the scope of what I needed to tell people about... Is that sufficient for now?
  15. Do you mean that the banners you have have been provided to you as iframes already? Interesting, I have no idea if that would work - but I would try putting the iframe code you have into an HTML Banner, and see how that goes.
  16. DM me with some access details of your server, and I'll take a look? Working on a trouble shooting guide for "no stats" at the moment, so worth taking a look to see if I can see why with your install and incorporate it into the process - assuming it's not a bug!
  17. Using contract campaigns during the learning period is absolutely fine - just don't expect that delivery will be as good as it will be later on (i.e. more over/under delivery). But do make sure there is always a remnant campaign present and active, so that all inventory can be tracked and Revive Adserver can learn about it.
  18. Hi Andreas, No, there's no such option at the moment. Interesting problem though. I think we do want to fix this, so that making a mistake and putting a bad banner into Revive Adserver doesn't end up breaking the UI so users without DB skills can't fix the banner. I wonder using iFrame is the answer, or if there's a reason why we haven't done that in the past. I would have to consult others. Would you mind creating an enhancement issue in GitHub for this please, and reference back to this thread? I can then chat with the team and see if we can just change that. Thanks, Andrew
  19. Hi Ali, Sounds confusing - especially if on the live server you're getting the GeoIP data out of the MaxMind DB via the Apache module, and that data is showing up okay in PHP; in that situation, Revive Adserver really doesn't do anything other than just look at the country supplied to it from the Apache variable, and if that's there correctly, then I don't see why the targeting would not work. Given the excellent description you've given of the issue, sounds like there's some kind of genuine problem - please DM me and perhaps you can set up some degree of access so I can look things over and see if there's a bug? Cheers, Andrew
  20. Just ads? Everything else working okay with the UI?
  21. Are you able to please link to a page where we can see this happening?
  22. I think that's saying that you have about a 13% drop off rate, where the video ad didn't start playing - either because the user has that blocked somehow, or there was an error, or they have a slow link and they managed to navigate away from the page before the ad was able to start.
  23. I think you're doing something other than what you say - changing the banner type alone won't affect probability like that. Can you please post some screenshots of how you have your campaign & banner set up, how they are linked to the zone, etc.?
  24. Not sure! What as been changed on your server between those two times? Presumably, something has been updated somewhere to make this happen? Is the server managed by you, or someone else?
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