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  1. Sorry, no plugin documentation online yet. I work on updating documentation over at the docs site whenever I have time!
  2. Unfortunately, core Revive Adserver does not log geo data for impressions any more - it was a tradeoff made in the OpenX days that this was worth it for the performance improvement of using the data_bkt_ tables for logging.
  3. It means that for 75% of requests, the delivery engine will (if you ignored all limitations) pick that banner from the remnant campaign. It is common for contract campaigns to under-deliver when you have limitations set, because the deliver engine just says, hey, to do the impressions you want, I only need to pick the banner 25% of the time.... And it does so, but then has to discard some of those impressions when the limitations block the banner, and it has to fall back to another one. You could try: - Reducing the limitations used; or - Using the deliberate over-delivery feature
  4. There's a comparison of the different tag types in the documentation: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+code%3A+Zone+level
  5. You'll need to run separate campaigns to do that (easily).
  6. Anyone tried using the deliberate overdelivery option that was introduced in 3.1? http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Maintenance+Settings
  7. Probably better to use an HTML banner type, and put the HTML in the banner, and then adjust that to point to the required other media?
  8. That's a question for an experienced systems administrator, sorry - not something we can really answer here with so little information.
  9. The problem is that your PHP function set_time_limit() has been disabled. Revive Adserver won't run without this. You need to edit your php.ini file and re-enable it. The location of your php.ini file depends on your operating system and PHP installation directory. Sorry, but that's not really something we can help with.
  10. You can't - not without a 3rd party plugin. It was a decision made back in the OpenX days to sacrifice data for speed. I have a feeling that http://www.adserverplugins.com/ offer something that does this, but I may be totally mistaken! Take a look and see?
  11. Is it because the campaign is limited to 0 impressions both in total and per session? Try removing that limit, and going to unlimited?
  12. Yes, I think there were some language strings missing in 3.2.0 - take a look on Github at the 3.2.1 milestone, you may see the issue already reported and fixed?
  13. There are some known issues in 3.2.0, and we're expecting a patch soon.
  14. Totally agree that simpler support for joining ad exchanges in Revive would be an excellent feature. A massive one to implement, but excellent :-)
  15. Totally agree! C'mon down, Joomla developers, and get coding :-)
  16. Can you create a simple php info page that works on this server? It would appear that the webserver is not enabled for PHP support - or it's using an older version?
  17. Well, that appears to be the tradeoff. Of course, better page speed may mean higher page rank over time, which means more traffic, so more revenue? Assuming the networks delivering the banners are fast enough...
  18. I think you may need to change to the admin user, and then go into the plugin settings, and configure the file locations? Sorry, have not got to the geo plugin documentation yet - it is on the todo list.
  19. Yes, you almost certainly can - easiest way would of course be to restore from backup, but if you don't have that, put a clean install in a new DB, and look at the default account details, and insert those again with SQL?
  20. If you want to serve banners over SSL, then the invocation tag will need to be generated, or modified, to support this. Most tags provide comments on how to do this, or an option in the page to generate the tag to set this up for you.
  21. This is, I believe, supported now - take a look in the configuration file.
  22. Well - what you could do is either: 1. Set up different zones for logged in/not logged in users, and use your CMS or other code to display the appropriate zone to logged in/not logged in users, and traffic banners to the zones accordingly; or 2. Pass in a targeting variable to your zone tag via the CMS or other code, indicating if the user is logged in or not, and use delivery limitations to target banners accordingly.
  23. Thanks for the suggestion - I will look into this and update documentation ASAP.
  24. Normally, I would expect this is because the page impressions are recorded at the top of the page, but banner impressions depend on the banners actually loading; when site performance means pages take more than a second or so to load, you'll start to get an increasing variance between page impressions and banner impressions as load time decreases.
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