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  1. Thanks for the feedback - and good to know that it's down to the network speed, rather than something wrong with the asynchronous tag. A thought - would you be able to mix the two types? Use the normal SPC tag on pages where users are likely to navigate quickly, but asynchronous on pages that are more content focused and users may stick around longer?
  2. This is a complex (and incompletely described, as I don't know what banner/campaign to zone links exist) scenario. Can you please try a more simple scenario? Campaign A - One banner; Campaign limited to 5 views. Campaign B - One banner, no capping. One zone. Both campaigns linked to the zone. I've tested this with both Asynchronous and JS tags, and in both cases, I see a mix of the campaign A and campaign B banners in the zone until I've seen the campaign A banner 5 times, and then I only see the campaign B banner. Can you get it to show the campaign A banner more than 5 times with this setup using the Asynch tag?
  3. 1. Yes, you can use gif banners. 2. Yes, you can use wget for scheduled maintenance on Windows. 3. You will need to establish trust over time with your advertisers that they are getting what they paid for, based on transparency and communication. You will need to see your server's web logs, to understand why access was denied - unfortunately, that's not something we can help with based on the information you've provided here.
  4. Banner selection is random. So - all 10 banners in the same zone, and just the one zone on the page, 10 time? That should display banners randomly.
  5. I would expect that with iFrame, you're not going to be able to do a responsive banner. I'd probably be thinking you need to create the banner as an HTML banner with all the required code for the banner to be responsive, and deliver it using something other than an iFrame tag.
  6. Sorry to hear the plugin Erik mentions is out of your price range. It would be great if we could extend core Revive Adserver functionality to more cases, but as an open source project, there's only so much we can do without community support. We're working really hard on documentation right now, and as part of that, I'd like to get more developer documentation up - perhaps one day that will help the community to bring features like (or others) this into core. Cheers, Andrew
  7. There are a number of reasons - and what I really need to do is create a troubleshooting guide for people to help them walk through understanding what the cause is. I've added this to the documentation todo list...
  8. Hi David & Richard, Sorry the documentation is not yet in place around this area - I'm working hard to improve the documentation little by little, and will put this on my list to look at ASAP. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Well, could just be a flat out bug that no one noticed in beta testing :-) However, I've just tested delivery capping at the campaign and the banner level, and they seem to work just fine for both JS tags and Async tags. Maybe you could give some more details or reproduce steps, please?
  10. I'd start by taking a look at the underlying system - perhaps a database corruption issue, disk full, recently applied server updates, or something like that? Sounds very strange for even a completely clean install in a brand new database to have that kind of an issue. Certainly not something I have seen, which makes me suspect an environmental change on the host. HTH
  11. Sorry, no - OpenX Source, while something we took and moved forward into Revive Adserver, is not something we support; Revive Adserver has nearly 2 years of work done to take it forward from the old OpenX Source days now. I'd suggest either going back to trying a test upgrade on a test bed system and see if you can get that to work, or, perhaps start with a smaller site and do a fresh install or Revive and just manually move some of the traffic over to see if that solves the issue at least, before you commit time and effort to trying to move everything... HTH.
  12. Thanks so much for the feedback gabrielt! It's great to see your graph above showing that you've probably taken 30-60% off of your page load time by moving to the asynchronous tag type, which is obviously a super result, and very encouraging to see that in principle, it does what its supposed to do! However, the drop off in banner impressions is of course, worrying. What does pop into my head though, as an immediate thought is that after the move, the page load time has come down to around 5 seconds. However, that is, I assume, the load time for the page without ads, as the ads will then start to load up after the page is done. Assuming nothing else has changed performance-wise, I would guess this means that the ads are then taking something like another 5 to 10 seconds to complete loading up? If that's the case, there's now a 5 to 10 second window for your site users to move on to another page, and interrupt the loading (and therefore impression logging) of the ads. How does your average time on page look? Might this kind of behaviour explain the drop off in impressions? I think this is worth looking into - although of course, we're totally open to the fact that perhaps it's something in the tag that isn't working as we expect re: logging impressions...
  13. Hi DanFlag, The way to get to this page is to do the following: Inventory > Websites > {www.example.com} > Invocation Code. Then, select the various option(s) that you want, and click on the "Generate" button. This will take you to the page you're talking about, but with all of the relevant parameters passed into the script to make it work. Hope that helps! http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Invocation+code%3A+Website+level
  14. Hi Richard, Thank you for your comments, and I wish I had a magic wand I could help you out with! Unfortunately, the core Revive Adserver team is aware that some people have problems with "plugins" they purchase for Revive Adserver from external parties; but at the same time, there are some very reputable, reliable plugin developers for the product as well. The core team have discussed the idea that it would be good to have an official part of the Revive Adserver website where plugin developers can register to be listed, and against which users can rate them e.g. 1-5 stars, leave comments, etc. We do think this would be a good idea, but as with any open source project, the question is always - would spending the time setting that up be worth it, vs. other things we could be doing (e.g. the new Revive Adserver 3.2.0 release out today with asynchronous tags!). As always, the core team is open to suggestions - please, dear community - if this is a major problem for the masses, let us know here, and we'll do our best to listen and prioritise based on your communal feedback. Thanks! Andrew
  15. Noted, and now delivered in Revive Adserver 3.2.0.
  16. And indeed, Revive Adserver 3.2.0 has now been released, which includes native asynchronous tag support.
  17. A better solution now is to use the new asynchronous tag type available from Revive Adserver 3.2.0 onwards.
  18. Hah! You're a proper tease, Matteo! The core team hopes to have this out in the next release, which should come out as a beta, soon - all thanks to Matteo's hard work, and a generous sponsor.... Details will be announced when it's ready!
  19. Anyone else seen old stats not showing up after upgrade? So far, all the test and production upgrades I'm aware of have worked okay. Try clearing caches, restarting web server, etc.?
  20. Ah, okay, I see - shows you how little work I've done (i.e. none) for Apple devices. Sounds like something for us to add on the roadmap. Thanks.
  21. No, there is no "built in" feature in Revive Adserver to do this - but you could hand-crank this if you really needed to.
  22. No immediate plans from the core Revive Adserver team, no. Sorry!
  23. The feature to only display a banner once per page is actually impossible with iFrame tags (as opposed to "not available by default"), as iFrames load independently in the browser, so there's no way to allow them to communicate with each other to ensure that a banner only shows once. As mentioned above, though, you could set up multiple iFrame zones, and traffic your banners accordingly to ensure the situation can't arise where you show the same banner twice, but that's not the automatic, effort free solution that you can get with e.g. the JS tag type.
  24. As above - or you can just put your default banner or default network tag into a Remnant campaign, and traffic it to your zone(s) along with other campaigns, and appropriate limits/targeting as required, to ensure that the Remnant campaign is there to collect any inventory that would otherwise be unused.
  25. Simple: 1. Either you are showing blank impressions (i.e. banners are not appearing in the zone every time); and/or 2. You are getting drop off (i.e. people leave the page before a banner loads, so you see the page views in your stats recorded, but no banner impressions, because the banner didn't load in time). Cheers, Andrew
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