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  1. What web browser are you using, and does it have cookie support enabled?
  2. Hi JimAtkinson, It sounds like it might be a case of this? http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins+Missing+or+Disabled
  3. Hi Ryan, Yes, that's definitely a tedious way of doing it! I would do this. 1. Set the "take over" campaign to be of the "Override" campaign type (and make sure all your other "normal" campaigns are either "Contract" or "Remnant"). The Override campaign type is specifically for this purpose - to "over-ride" all other "normal" campaigns and have complete precedence in delivery. 2. Set up the banners in this campaign to have an appropriate Site - Page URL delivery limitation, so that the Override campaign only shows on the page that you want. That should do it.
  4. Hi Richard, Gosh, I do live in a sheltered world! That's interesting to hear about this problem. Back when I was developing what's now Revive Adserver through working for an agency, the rules were as simple as - either meet the IAB size standards, or your ad's not going to be run. End of discussion. But I guess if you're not a large company, you may not always have that choice. Maybe consider a premium rate for "special" sizes?
  5. Hi NickMcCandless, I think perhaps you're asking about the option that's on the "Advanced" tab for a zone, where you can pass a request through to another zone, if there are no available banners? This way, you set your "Primary Advertiser(s)" and link their campaigns/banners to the "Primary Zone". If for whatever reason, your primary advertiser(s) don't have any campaigns/banners that will fulfil the request for an impression, then off Revive Adserver will go to the "Secondary Zone" and look there for banners, and so on... Does that help?
  6. Hi Evolve, Sorry you've had to wait a while for a reply, but a common theme I often point out is that no-one is (at this stage!) paid anything to offer support here on the forums. I (like the other core members of the team, as well as some dedicated community members) do my best to help out when I can - but sometimes life gets in the way, and I've really just been very busy with work and other personal life things the last couple of months, and simply haven't had time to check out what's going on here on the forums. That's not the ideal situation for you and everyone else that uses Revive Adserver, I know - but just for the time being, I'm afraid that's the best I can offer. I've taken a look at the two test sites you send to me via private message. I can see that the SPC tags works in the plain HTML document. I can also see that there are no banners showing in the Wordpress site. However, I also notice that the plain HTML document is loading a single banner for zone ID 24. But zone ID 24 is not one of the zones that you then try to include on the Wordpress site. If I copy your HTML document locally, I can load up zone ID 24 just fine as well from there. If I then change the tag to, for example, zone ID 20 - which is one of the zones that you try to include on your Wordpress site - then I don't get anything loading! If I then dig into the actual response that comes back from your server from the header script, it looks to me like zone ID 24 is the only zone that's linked to the website you've included the SPC tag in the header for. So, it doesn't look (at this stage) to me like it's a Wordpress issue - more of an issue of trying to display zones that are not in the website the SPC tag was created for... Does this help at all?
  7. Some of the build in Revive Adserver tag types also support a refresh feature, where a new banner can be loaded up every X seconds. See: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+settings
  8. Hi Deepak, No, Revive Adserver doesn't support that. One zone tag on a website -> one banner displayed. However, you can put a zone tag onto a website more than once, and some of the tags support doing things like not displaying the same banner twice on the one page, if that's what you're interested in doing. HTH.
  9. Hi mblack. Unfortunately, there is not - at least, not exactly like that. The closest thing that exists is probably when you're looking at a zone - it shows you a predicted view of the % of impressions that will be given to each linked banner. Unfortunately, things like banner capping and delivery limitations really throw those kind of "predictions" right out, as there's no way of Revive Adserver knowing in advance how the incoming requests are going to align with the limitations... I hope that helps!
  10. Hi Maciej, Thanks for your post! You inspired me to do some more documentation this evening, and I've written up a new troubleshooting guide about this topic. I hope it helps. http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Requests+Higher+than+Impressions
  11. Hi all, Thanks so much for the feedback - I'm currently working on some ideas for how we may be able to do something along the lines of raising some funding to help with getting more development work done on Revive, and/or being able to offer more support. Stay tuned!
  12. Great idea, Richard! I'll see if I can do just that. Andrew Ah, looks like you can only pin a post on FB for 7 days?
  13. Hi Chris, Thanks for wanting to take part in the Revive Adserver community, and to try to make things better! I really appreciate what you're trying to do, and I also appreciate that you recognise how Revive Adserver is currently "run" - that is, it's an open source project, and the time that any of the "core" team members puts in is entirely voluntary, and done purely because we enjoy the time we do put in. However, my suggestion would be that if you do want to help make the Revive Adserver community a stronger, better place, then fragmenting the number of places where people can go to get help is not the way forward. My personal view is that, if you (or anyone else) has the time and the inclination to help the rest of the community out, then please do so here on these forums. Creating a new Facebook site, and having multiple places where people can ask questions (and search for old questions and answers) is not, in my view, going to help make it easier for people to get help. Of course, Revive Adserver is open source - and accordingly, I will always do my best to be open to new ideas or ways of doing things. So, if you think it really is better, then go for it - and if the community loves it as well, then great! I just wanted to put my thoughts in, and encourage people to keep the discussions about Revive Adserver here on the forums. Thanks! Hi MrWigly, I hear you. In all honesty, there's rarely a day that goes by when I don't think to myself that I wish I was spending more time working on the Revive Adserver project - in terms of spending more time coding, more time writing documentation for the product, and spending more time on the forums helping people get the most from the software. You say that "You've not made this product and put all this time into development just for the love of it. Somewhere along the line the devlopers benefit as much as the customer using the product.". Well, that partially true. I spent 5 years working at OpenX, being paid to lead the team that helped make the product that's now Revive Adserver. So, there's was definitely something financially in it for me back then. However, now, I *am* doing it just for the love of it. I had an opportunity to take over the management of the product from OpenX, and with the other "core" members of the team, at least mean that *something* could happen with the product. And I'm proud of what we've managed to achieve (compared with the nothing that was happening before). You can read more about this at: http://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/revive-adserver-one-year-on/ Having said all that - I do wish that I did more. It's hard though - I have a full time job (development manager for multiple development teams in a trans-atlantic firm), two young children, etc. Finding time to work on Revive Adserver is not always easy... Perhaps the idea of "premium accounts" is something that we should consider, though. As I said in my previous post on this topic, this is an open source project, and I am willing to think and talk about new ideas that might make the product and the community better. I wonder, what would people think about the idea of subscribing to Revive Adserver somehow, or funding a kickstarter project, or something, that could provide a revenue stream? Is there perhaps enough interest out there in this product that, with enough people contributing relatively modest amounts, there would be a way that myself and/or other members of the community could give up some of our other responsibilities (i.e. jobs) to work on the project part time, or maybe even full time? Perhaps that's worth considering - especially if there are enough community members who find that Revive Adserver is helping them to make their living, but they would like to see the software become better, and would be willing to help fund that process? A thought for your day :-) Andrew
  14. If I had this problem, the way I would do it is this: Set up two campaigns, one with the campaign capping on, and one with it turned off. If the user is new to your website, insert the tag for the uncapped campaign; but from then on, show the tag for the capped campaign. That way, you will display one impression from your premium ads to brand new users, and by then, Revive Adserver will have a cookie set (if the user allows it), and the capped banners will work. It's means a little work from your website end, but it should work.
  15. Probably! And no, unfortunately, we don't yet.
  16. The directory that appears to be unable to be written to is /var/www/vhosts/domain.tld/httpdocs/adserver/www/images - but in your case, that's not a permission error, but a restriction of the host. You'll need to address that with your PHP config.
  17. Interesting point! We'll want to look into that report and make sure it's 100% accurate before we move forward, and if it's true, then of course documentation will be updated. Thanks!
  18. I'm afraid I can't reproduce this - they are all working fine for me in 3.2.1.
  19. In the campaign, under the Linked Trackers tab, just set a click conversion window, and not an impression conversion window. I'm pretty sure that's all you need to do.
  20. That suggests Revive Adserver is deliberately trying to delete a cookie by setting the date in the past. However, I'd have to know more about when you're seeing this to try to understand it...
  21. I'm not aware of anyone that has actually reported they have done this - but that doesn't mean it can't be done. I suspect the most likely way of having this work is using a geofence system that can detect the region someone is in, and trigger a request to Revive Adserver for the appropriate content. But as to recommendations for the technology to do that, sorry - it's not something I've had a chance to look into yet.
  22. So, to me, if it works sometimes and not other times, that suggests a transient network issue, or a load/capacity/threading issue with your server...
  23. Hi Mark, What do you mean by "dynamic" ad serving in emails? Can Revive Adserver display ads in emails? Yes, there's a zone type specifically designed for putting banners into emails. Or do you mean something different?
  24. Never seen that before. Can you capture the page source when you do see it?
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