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  1. Sorry about that - not sure what happened. The link has been fixed. (Although the text of the link was always correct.)
  2. I see that AdBlock have just announced: https://adblockplus.org/acceptable-ads
  3. Hi jerry2, I think I answered this question recently in another post - or at least something similar... Yes, over here: It would be nice to add support for HTML5 banners from tools like Swiffy and Google Web Designer, etc. though, I agree.
  4. Hi firstimpression, Glad that you found the option to allow the display of banners on first impression when capped. It's worth noting, though, that this is only for the very first time the user has visited a site that contains banners from your Revive Adserver installation. If they've been to your site before, and have the cookie set from Revive Adserver, then they will see capped banners for the first impression for any new campaigns. Basically, if they are a new user as far as Revive Adserver is concerned (there's no cookie to identify the user to Revive Adserver), then it's impossible to tell if that's because they are a new user, or because they won't let Revive Adserver set cookies. So, by default, it won't serve a banner, in case this means that the capped banner gets served over and over and over again to the user, in spite of the desire to not do this. That's why it works as it does.
  5. When you copy the config file over, making sure that the permissions are set to allow the webserver to read it?
  6. Hi rahixccr, Unfortunately, we haven't yet managed to get support for the newer GeoIP plugin format working for Revive Adserver yet. We're looking at it, and hope we can get it done soon.
  7. Hi sojic, Unfortunately, Revive Adserver only supports this kind of limitation by impressions (i.e. X views in Y time period), not by click.
  8. Okay, but where did that ad tag come from? That's not a Revive Adserver tag, so...? I'm not sure what you're asking us for help about.
  9. Hi Will, You can't. Revive Adserver has a 1:1 relationship between banners and zones. If you want to display multiple banners (in your case, 6 of them), then you need to put 6 zone tags onto the site. They can just be six copies of the same zone tag, though - they don't have to be 6 different zones (again, though they could be, if that's what you would rather have).
  10. Hi Harshadewa, Revive Adserver lets you set up multiple accounts, and inside each one, you have have completely separate sets of advertisers and websites. So, the default banner for an account just applies to the websites that are configured in that account. The global setting, however, applies to all websites (where there isn't an account level default). If you're not using multiple accounts, then either will work, and have the same effect. (But if you set the account default, then the global default won't have any effect.)
  11. Hi Moe, So, when Advertiser A shows in your wide skyscraper - what DOES show in the leaderboard, if not Advertiser B? Is it a banner from Advertiser A again? Are you using a zone tag type that supports the option for not showing more than one banner from a given campaign, and is that enabled? http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+settings
  12. Hi renta, It's not something that's really supported out of the box yet, but it's certainly something we're aware of. We have been wondering if we need to add in support for one or more of the tools that help people create HTML5 banners, now that Flash appears to be dying. It's certainly on our radar - but unfortunately, I don't have much to offer you right at the moment.
  13. Can you see anything in the Revive Adserver, web server or database log files that might be out of the ordinary? It's not a problem that I've seen reported before.
  14. Hi vokopeti, It looks to me like your HTML banner is more of a JavaScript banner! In which case, Revive Adserver probably can't track the clicks at all (as the product currently stands). Does it work if you just use a plain HTML banner, where the anchor tag is in the HTML?
  15. Hi spartan, There is an eCPM prioritisation option in Revive Adserver, but I have to confess I don't know much about it or how well it works (as a result of an interesting history with the product). The question that I would like you to think about is this: You say you want to see a lot of ads from C, then some from A, and less of B. But how many ads from C? And how many of A? And how little of B? You could for example just set up C as an Override campaign - and ONLY show banners from C. That would technically meet your requirements, but is not, I suspect, what you really want! How would you define what your actual delivery requirements are?
  16. Hi jmeyer, How are you testing that it's not showing, please? Based on impression stats, or based on manual testing of the delivery? If the latter, are you definitely using a web browser on a computer that's then hitting the Revive Adserver using an IP address that reverse-DNSes to a domain that has your matching string pattern? (It's worth checking the web server log to see the IP address that's arriving on the server to be sure.)
  17. Thanks - that sounds like a bug to me - would you mind reporting on GitHub?
  18. Hi malmazan, Thanks for the feedback! I'm considering a couple of options at the moment that we might move forward with to help raise funding for Revive Adserver, and hopefully allow the core development team to spend a lot more time working on and supporting the product. I feel like I'm seeing this request more and more on the forums! There are possibly some updates in Revive Adserver that will help you. Certainly, there have been some threads on the forums and some other feedback that suggests that the updates we have made over the last couple of years have improved things. Specifically: 1. Blank impressions are now logged. If you can't display any banner, Revive Adserver now tracks this, and that helps it better understand what your zone's capacity is for traffic. 2. We fixed some bugs relating to calculating how many impressions to show in contract campaigns that caused Revive Adserver to be working out the wrong number of impressions to show if you were not using UTC as a timezone. 3. There's now an option to deliberately over-deliver on contract campaigns from the outset. This sounds counter intuitive, but getting ahead of the delivery curve (by a little bit, e.g. 5%) can make life much easier for Revive Adserver as the campaign progresses, and allow it some slack to ease through the remaining impressions over the rest of the campaign, instead of having to take an ever increasingly aggressive stance re: trying to grab all the impressions later on. Cheers, Andrew
  19. You probably could, but alas, our developer documentation is going to be some way off being in a state where it would help you (as things currently stand). Perhaps the easiest thing would be to treat each separate ad "element" within your example above as a separate banner in Revive Adserver, and then develop your own code to wrap around it and manage the context?
  20. Okay. What did you change to get it to where you thought it was working? And did you change anything after that? Do you have an example page where you've updated / re-create the SPC tags for the zone and re-inserted the tags?
  21. Hi Florian, Probably the closest thing for you would be to set up a delivery channel, so that you can easily apply (and update!) the channel consistently and easily across multiple banners. HTH
  22. Sorry, not really. If your browser has cookies enabled, then Revive Adserver shouldn't tell you that they need to be enabled. Is there perhaps an issue with the server's time that is making Revive Adserver think that the cookies are not present? Do you see Revive Creating cookies with unusual creation or expiration dates?
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