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  1. Probably the only way I (or the community) can help is if you can post a clear and complete picture of what you have set up, in detail, and where we can then see the banner(s). The approach of giving us a small amount of information at a time (and not responding to questions that are asked) doesn't help me (or the community) to help you.

  2. HI @firstimpression,

    No, no documentation on this.

    1. You should only have leftovers in the event that data arrives in the tables AFTER the maintenance engine has run to summarise stats for that hour. If you fail to run maintenance for a given hour (or two, or however many), then the next run is supposed to figure out when it was last run, and summarise stats for all the required hours between then and now.

    2. The point that you are running distributed stats is probably the reason you have leftovers - I would guess that central maintenance runs on the hour, but the system to transfer stats from distributed-mode "slaves" (they are not really DB slaves) fails, so the data doesn't arrive in time for central maintenance to see it. That's why you have to use the republish script to deal with the missing data.

    There is no solution to this, but as a suggestion to make it happen less frequently:

    1. Put good monitoring and alerting in place to ensure that the data transfer works; and

    2. Delay when central maintenance runs to give the data transfer process more time to complete.

    If you can, you can even hook #2 up to #1, and only run central maintenance once you know the data transfer is done. But this would have to all be your own custom code.... 

  3. On 9/4/2019 at 10:03 PM, mitchems said:

    Also, the /var/www/html/adserver/plugins/etc directory is completely empty (except for .htaccess) in both my installation and in the 4.21 distribution package I downloaded.

    That definitely sounds like a good starting point, then. The plugins/etc directory should not be empty in the existing installation that you are attempting to upgrade from.

    You may need to go back to the existing installation, and resolve the issue with the plugins there (there are details on how to do that in the troubleshooting documentation on our site) before attempting the upgrade again.

    The upgrade process expects your existing installation's plugins to be present, and copies them over from there as part of the upgrade process. (We do this because you may have 3rd party plugins installed that Revive Adserver otherwise wouldn't know about; if we didn't copy them over, all those 3rd party plugins would be missing after ever upgrade.)

    On 9/14/2019 at 2:33 AM, Artistan said:

    I am having the same looping issue, NOT SSL

    requireSSL=0 . and it is still looping.

    Then you might have the same problem, or you might not, because you don't really give us any details about your problem other than "me too".

    You might be better off starting a new thread that provides some details about exactly what you did to get the issue you have, and provide some details about what you have tried/what you see in the logs.

  4. HTTP 503 errors are returned by the web server, under which PHP (and then Revive Adserver) runs.

    If you are getting HTTP 503 errors, you will need to investigate your web server logs, and use the web server documentation to track down why the web server is returning this, and resolve that issue. This is potentially (but not definitely) due to a performance issue with running the Revive Adserver code, but it's something you will need to confirm at the webserver - unfortunately, it's very unlikely to be due to a Revive Adserver code issue.

  5. Hi @stapel_eliz,

    This is intended functionality of Revive Adserver - advertiser accounts are there to allow advertisers to see what campaigns/banners they have, and view the statistics of their delivery, etc. Their account is not intended to have the ability to see details of zones etc. that relate to the independent website account(s) to which the banners have been linked.

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