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  1. Hi @midler,

    Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone, but even if I did, without some more information, I wouldn't be able to confirm if it's a bug or not, as you don't actually provide links to somewhere where we could test the issue to see if it happens for us.

    Do you still have the issue? If so, maybe setting up a test scenario that can be used to evaluate what's going on would be a good starting point.


  2. Yes, that is indeed the case - if you use a *x* zone, then any banner of any size will be able to be displayed. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is - if you want to be able to fall back from a zone of one size to another size, well, the assumption is that any size is okay...

    The only way around this would be to use *x* zones, but separate out your banners by sizes into different campaigns, or use other Delivery Rule options to control where banners are displayed.

    There are some API options that can be used to obtain information about what zones have banners linked or not, but this is for management, rather than delivery. In the delivery service, no, there is no current option to "ping" the zone to find out if it would deliver a banner or not.

  3. This sounds like you are either not correctly specifying the location of your old installation during the upgrade, or, if you are, the webserver does not have permission to access the old installation directory and files. (During the upgrade, access to the old installation is needed to bring across various files/settings.)

  4. Hey @diego,

    I'd love to continue to help, but you are really not helping me (or the community) to help you.

    A link to a 13MB log file, with the expectation that I (or anyone else) has time to look through the log file for you, is pretty ungracious of you.

    If you'd like additional help, please try trimming the log file down to something relevant that we can work with - ideally, just the part of the log file that is produced at the time you see the issue. This is what you should be investigating yourself anyway!

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