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  1. If only we had the same revenue stream as Google! Please feel free to either submit a pull request in GitHub, or sign up to our Patreon account. Thanks!
  2. Do you have a different URL (excluding the http vs https part) when accessing via different methods?
  3. No need to change it - the value is unique per installation. As you have created a fresh install, the ID should be different.
  4. Any targeting or other limitations on the new campaign or banners?
  5. https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/can-revive-adserver-support-vast-2-0/
  6. Interesting - can you describe the setup more? What tag type, how the tags have been configured for SSL, etc?
  7. If that's something you need, then yes - Revive Adserver does not support a self-service approach for external advertisers. However, please be cautious - I have seen a number of users complain about plugins that they have bought - buying plugins from an external supplier can be a great experience, or possibly a terrible one. Please do make sure you deal with someone reputable.
  8. Thanks! Now documented: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Tag+Settings#TagSettings-Support3rdPartyServerClicktracking
  9. From memory, there's no automatic purge, because Revive Adserver cannot safely tell what statistics you want to keep vs. those that you don't want to keep. I think, though, that if you have expired campaigns that you no longer want the statistics for, then if you delete them, the statistics are also deleted...
  10. I mean something different - putting the source code on three different servers, and using a load balancer to distribute the load across the three servers.
  11. HELLO! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) To answer your question - yes, you can do targeting of banners. Please see the documentation on banner delivery rules.
  12. I have never personally attempted to deliver ads on Android/iOS devices - feedback from the community around what works (or not), and how things could be better would be welcome...
  13. Revive is released under GPL v2: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
  14. Where did you obtain the install package from? A download from the Revive Adserver website, or somewhere else?
  15. Sounds like a great idea - but creating a free bundled video ad player with Revive Adserver is well outside the scope of what our aims are! We aim to help do banner delivery - not make a new video player for the web. Sorry!
  16. Huge! 🙂 Seriously, though, if you would like to help us development more features, please see our Patreon account.
  17. Hi @viyancs, Apologies, but I don't follow your problem (at least, not without re-reading the entire thread again, which is a little unfair to expect me to do!). Could you please just describe your problem clearly from the start?
  18. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken
  19. Can I please check - did you try to manually create a database table, or manually create a TEMPORARY database table? Just want to confirm that you really can create TEMPORARY database tables. Thanks.
  20. And we appreciate your patience @420! Unfortunately, we also need to earn money to live, while we wait for our Patreon account to build up, and it's been a busy time for the core dev team outside of Revive in the last few months. Hopefully, we will start to get more time back for the project soon!
  21. Pretty sure there are settings in the UI when you are the admin user that let you specify if you want the admin interface to work on HTTP or HTTPS?
  22. Glad it's fixed for you. You should not normally need to use .htaccess redirects for serving banners over SSL, so if anyone in the future reads this thread, please be aware it should (and normally does) work without this - I suspect there's some other issue going on in this case which hasn't been identified yet.
  23. I'm pretty sure that AJS, regular JS and iFrame all work just fine with HTTP and HTTPS. Apart from saying it's not working (and one comment about logging via HTTP when the initial call was via HTTPS), there's really not any details in the information above - no examples we can see, no screenshots, no error messages.... Not much I can do to help at this stage as a result! However, maybe try: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banners+Not+Delivering+over+SSL ?
  24. Hi @Alexander, If you are doing this as a custom development, I would probably avoid using the core migration system, as it will render your system unable to upgrade in the future - we're likely to want to re-use your migration numbers, and things will conflict. If you can, I'd also suggest that you don't add columns to the core tables - this may have a similar effect with rendering upgrades impossible. Better if you can create separate tables for your data, and join the data using the relevant IDs.
  25. Hi @Alexander, I have to admit I'm not 100% familiar with all the details of what happens at this stage - one of my colleagues usually does this. But from memory, I think that we are just packaging up some files (putting the plugins together into ZIPs, and merging delivery files together for efficiency), and then removing the files that went into those packages/merged files. We also strip out code that's related to the test suite, as that's not needed in the end product.
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