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  1. Sure, as soon as I figure out where the template is, I'll happily update the GitHub ticket with the details. 

    With all due respect back, this is an open source project. Yes, we ask for donations on Patreon, and we are very, very grateful for the members of the community who are willing to support us. We really, really appreciate it. But the current revenue from Patreon means that we no longer have to pay for costs to run the project out of our own pockets, and we get a very small amount of income. It's not like we don't all have other jobs that we have to work to make a living. 

    If we could get the community to the point where we make enough from Patreon that we could dedicate most (or all) of our time to the project, that would be fantastic! But we are a long, long way away from that point. So, we do what we can to help the community, when we can.

    In the mean time, the source code is open, and we encourage the community to step through the code and improve it themselves, when they can. When they cannot, then unfortunately, like any other open source project, we will gladly assist, when and as we can.


  2. As I said above - take the Delivery Rule options out. Does it then display, after the cache timeout period?

    If so, then put the rules back one by one, until you figure out which rule is preventing display.

    My guess is that https:// should not be part of the Site - Source...

  3. I think the issue is probably that your Delivery Options rules are "wrong" - I don't think that the protocol should be in the Client - Domain rule, for example. https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Client+Delivery+Rules#ClientDeliveryRules-Client-Domain

    I'd try this first: https://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/troubleshooting-banner-delivery/

    Basically, remove all your Delivery Options, and try displaying the banner on an otherwise empty HTML page. Then slowly add back in all your various options as you have them now until it stops working, and you've found your problem.

  4. There's no new version of Revive Adserver at the time of this reply (see https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/requirements/) so the issue to me looks like your PHP being configured to display warning messages in the output. 

    Revive Adserver does its best to disable the output of warning messages, but it can't always prevent it, depending on your PHP configuration. Take a look at the PHP documentation and see if you can disable warning message output, and things should work.

  5. Most correct answer, as far as I am concerned:

    • The user that your web service runs as needs permissions to read all directories (and all of the files and sub-directories) of the entire Revive Adserver installation; and
    • The user that your web service runs as needs permission to write to all of the specifically listed directories (and all of the files and sub-directories underneath them).

    There you go - that's my view on the most correct answer - and you will notice I not said anything about how you should achieve that. This is because I can think of a number of different ways to do this, depending on your operating system and/or preferences about how you manage security. 

    So, while it's the most correct answer, it's of absolutely no help to many (most?) of our users, because they don't have the technical experience needed to set this up.

    That's why we suggest something rather permissive in our documentation - we don't have time to support every single new user installing the software to get a custom setup that's just right for their security needs. We assume that if you're the kind of user who is concerned about getting the security requirements just right, then you have the capability to tweak the permissions to what your needs are.


  6. Hi @haychart,

    Ah, great that you fixed it - Remnant campaigns would probably also have worked. Contract campaigns are all about delivering to a certain target, where you have more inventory present than needed. If you need to always show something, Remnant and/or Override are the sway to go.


    To answer your other question - I would do this with custom CSS in the required site.

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