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  1. Hi there, I installed revive adserver, it works great with banners but i need to add pops. What's the best way to show pops (popups/popunders/poptabs). Thank you in advance for your great support
  2. I just installed Revive Adserver, setup one advertiser, one campaign, but when I'm trying to upload a local banner to the webserver i got this error: An error occurred dealing with the file upload: file size exceeds form max allowed size. Please make sure you selected a valid file. I tested with banners sizes between 13 KB to 100 KB ( both GIF's and JPG's ) and got the same error. What could be wrong with my installation? Can anyone help me please?
  3. I activated that plugin, but is it accurate? Do i need to buy and update the db from https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip2-country-database
  4. Hei guys, i wonder which is the best plugin for revive banners geo targeting. I want to show a different banner to different countries. Which plugin should i use? Thank you
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