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  1. Yes, I am sure. I picked correct ones. Also my ip is definitely not Russian but Estonian, so it's definitely a problem with software. Could it be that MaxMind GeoIP plugin expects the database file be in CSV format?
  2. Yes, I have downloaded GeoIP.dat from the official website and checked the ip range is correctly set there for the country.
  3. My ip is 91.146.65.x but OAGEO cookie is RU (Russia). I tried 2 proxies from http://proxylist.hidemyass.com and still, OAGEO equals RU. Please let me know what can be wrong? MaxMind GeoIP Plugin 1.1.0 Path to country binary file is correct /usr/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat
  4. Eliza, as far as I understand "Delivery capping per visitor" stops showing ads after N impressions limit is reached. What I want is show 10 times one ad, then 10 times other and after all ads have been shown to visitor, it starts again -- next random ad is shown 10 times.
  5. Is it possible to show the same banner 10 times in a row to the same visitor? The visitor could be determined at least by ip.
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