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  1. "How are you comparing the CTR being higher with local mode tags vs. something else? " Local mode shows more impressions AND more clicks. JS shows fewer impressions AND *a lot* fewer clicks. So CTR is higher in local mode. "Are you doing in-place A/B testing of identical zones on identical pages, and comparing the CTRs?" Only one Zone in use, invocation the same on all pages. Comparing imps/clicks/ctrs per banner from days/weeks before switching local mode to JS mode. I just looked at one of my banners. The day I switched from local mode to JS, daily average impressions fell to about 1/3, and clicks went down to almost ZERO. I compared that with other campaigns, banners, it is roughly the same. While I understand that impressions are lower with JS invoking (as you explained above), I don't get why the clicks are also down? In local mode I have so much more clicks. Clicks should be the same, or not? click is click, after all? Puzzled, Alex
  2. Thanks for your time to answer this! Yes. I knew that page but since it did not mention local mode ... I get it now, but isn't this somewhat counterbalanced by higher CTR? I guess after all most banners ARE served because the CTR definitely IS higher. In your scenario the CTR would be less, or not? No Banner, no click ... I think that it could be possible that local mode serves as a sort of "workaround" for Ad Blockers, since there is no JS to block, and if you rename your directories there wouldn't be much to detect. I am wrong? Cheers, Alex
  3. Hi! When I use local mode for invocation, I get much higher imps and ctrs. However, there is a warning that this wold not comply with IAB rules. Can somebody please explain? Cheers, Alex
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