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  1. ps: FYI, I got an offlist contact last week from an India company that wanted $200 to check that function. Seems like a lot...
  2. Hi... My Statistics stopped updating after we upgraded my server from OpenX to Revive. I asked about how to fix it in the thread about this but haven't had any luck. Can someone help? I can pay. One of the official helpers thinks it might be just a matter of permissions. I'm a novice coder and don't remember enough about permissions but perhaps it's an easy fix. Here's the link to the discussion in the other thread. (I'm the last poor person in the thread to be suffering from this.) http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/90-no-stats-from-when-i-upgraded-to-revive-adserver/p
  3. Any chance I could hire you to look into it? Boy, that would really help, I bet! I'm having a hard time finding a coder who will help. Just wasted 2 weeks with someone who kept putting me off. Or is there someone you can recommend? THANKS!
  4. Thanks for your efforts. I can still try to fix this on my own if it might be easy and straightforward. Otherwise, I'm looking into getting help from a coder. But all leads appreciated that I give to him if I can't do it. So... it was logging stats in the old version. When we upgraded the version it's possible that we might also have to increase the logging level, etc.? My main clue is that it happened exactly with the upgrade. So fixing it involves something we might've overlooked when doing the upgrade... Maybe? Thanks again for any ideas.
  5. I checked plugins and I see openXDeliveryLog is enabled.
  6. Sorry to be a bother, but any feedback appreciated. (In light of me needing stepwise info.) Thanks so much for the help!
  7. I went to phpMyAdmin and I found that table. It looks like when I clicked on it that it automatically did a "SELECT * FROM data_bkt_m" -- I see that phrase at the top. It's showing interval_start, creative_id, zone_id, and count. It's sorted by date -- and it ends on the day that my new version was installed. There were only 38 rows, from 2011 to the day of the upgrade. (5 rows from 2011, a dozen or so from 2012, and then a couple dozen from 2014. None from 2013. ?) What does that table mean?
  8. Thanks for helping on this! I appreciate it. OK, I'll look. About banners delivering... if I look at my website and refresh the views the banners appear and change with each refresh. Does that tell us anything? About the RV.php file -- should I change it back to what it was?
  9. Apologies for repeating myself, but I'm not a coder. So how do I "restart MySQL"? Also, I do like some explanation or verification. Is there maybe a link that explains it? It seems odd that installing a new vs of OpenX would "turn off" MySQL. I sure wouldn't want to mess something up. Thanks for any help or confidence. JP
  10. Here is what is in my var/debug.php log. It's neat stuff! I wish I knew what it meant. OK, for the weeks after my new install I got a lot of the same entries, which I've copied at the start. Then today I changed that line in RV.php about PEAR at about 8am. You can see where the entries suddenly change. I don't know what it means. Sorry for copying in so much, but maybe it'll give someone a sense of what is happening and what I need to do to get my Stats working again. THANKS! -- JP Apr 28 07:26:05 -0600 OX-535e56ed78d52 [ info] Running Automatic Maintenance Task Apr 28 07:28:30 -0600 O
  11. Hi! I had my OpenX upgraded to Revive a few weeks ago. I just checked my Stats and there is nothing but that notice. I am not a coder and I have low skills but I can check files for this'n'that. I already tried changing the RV.php file in relation to that bit about PEAR. It's been a couple hours, no effect. I checked my Maintenance settings and it says it's correctly set up. I'm not so hot with logs but I can try to take a look. I'm much worse with databases. But, again, I could go thru the motions to look for things. I've never fooled around with permissions, but, again, I've seen tho
  12. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it just came to me. The reason why I was surprised that I needed a plugin to handle billing and payments is because THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF ADVERTISING! Maybe I'm missing these features and they're already in Revive somewhere?
  13. Hi... I just upgraded from OpenX to Revive. I'll use it to handle my website advertising. I was surprised that I needed a plugin to handle billing and payments since THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF ADVERTISING! Am I overlooking some feature that's already in Revive? I'm trying to install RevMax now since that's a plugin to do those tasks. I'm having a hard time, getting errors, it won't install, but I'm trying to get help. Anyone have luck with RevMax? Anyone use something else? Thanks! JP
  14. Hi... I'm trying to get up to speed in using Revive for my advertisers on my website. I used to use OpenX. I have a couple dozen accounts but I haven't yet got everything going well enough to bill people yet. Which brings me to my request. Why would software like this NOT having billing and payment features? My clients and I want to track billing and then have their account set up so that they can pay each month for their clicks and impressions. Who would want an adserver that didn't have those features? Right now it seems like only the RevMax plugin will do this. I'm having troubl
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