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  1. Thanks for confirming Erik. We are thinking of a proof of concept at this point but will surely consider the hosting and REST API options in future as needed. Also is there a reference architecture/ best practices guide for setting up Revivie Adserver especially for the use case I shared.
  2. HI: I am new to Revive Adserver as well as the ad serving area. I work for a software firm who develop and sell software products to potential customers. The product is a virtual appliance and once installed in the customers infrastructure, a web-based application gets deployed as part of the appliance install. Thus each customer gets their own instance of the product with unique hostname/ IP. And the web-portal is most of the time restricted to intranet/internal employees and also requires user to login. We are trying to implement some features wherein we can dynamically share some updates to the customers about upcoming features, security fixes, upgrades etc and felt like showing this information inside the web-portal is more effective than sharing through emails, public forums, websites and other means. Does Revive Adserver support placing ads inside software applications? Not even sure if what I am looking for fully qualifies as ads. Google seems to restrict this looking at their policy https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295#Ads_in_a_software_application If this is supported, can Revive Adserver be installed outside the software product at a central location to manage ads for all customer deployed software products. Thanks!
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