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  1. Hey again guys, Maybe a work-around that I've found (feel free to comment if it seems good/bad ;-)) : - Put a cookie in the visitor's browser with a duration of e.g. 1 week, which would kind of randomly indicate which banner to server (e.g. if I have just 2 banners, red and blue, to test I could put a cookie with a value equal to "even" or "odd" based on the current time seconds) - Then write something like "if cookie="even" then serve banner red, else serve banner blue" Obviously the fact that it's more or less random isn't really optimal as it could lead to one banner being served a lot more than the other... but I suspect that if I have to query a database to decide whether I should serve banner blue instead or banner red to serve them equally, it would slow down the rendering a lot... What do you think ? Cheers,
  2. Hello guys, Quick question : let's pick this scenario : on every page of my site I have a Red banner saying "Buy my stuff". I need to split-test whether making the banner Blue would be better. Obviously the "classic" way an Adserver work wouldn't make any sense as it would display Red / Blue banners randomly during the visitor's session. Is there a way to "force" the display of ONE variation during the entire visitor session ? Thanks a lot, Cheers,
  3. OK thanks for the help. It's working on production, somehow the weird way it was working on a test site made it very confusing... especially since I would have expected that running the CRON at let's say 10:30 would get me updated data at 10:35 but never did... No matter if you use CRON or even manually calling the maintenance URL, apparently there is always a delay in stats generation (and I didn't expect this to be the case, especially to compute stats of 20 impressions).
  4. Yes no errors. Could someone tell me how the stats update process work ? It's not straight-forward at all... Clearly it's not instant, even for very low clicks/impressions and on a VPS.
  5. OK, so the way the Stats are working are weird / unclear at least. Somehow I can get the Stats from yesterday to appear but I'll ALWAYS have the Stats of the current day empty and/or with a gigantic delay (despite the cron running like every 10 minutes + me triggering the script manually from the browser).... Also I don't know how/why but it doesn't really seems like triggering the maintenance script does things instantly, and I can't see any correlation between manual of cron triggering and the Stats getting magically updated "at one point in time"... so basically I'm more or less getting my stats but why and how they are generated is a complete mystery... e.g. I trigger some pageloads / banners impressions... then I run the maintenance script manually... then god knows what happens but my stats get refreshed "someday" (clearly not in the 5 10 minutes after launching the maintenance script... for just 10 impressions it shouldn't take ages to refresh the stats) Anyone can help me understand this mystery ?? Thanks, Cheers,
  6. @Snoork Hosting The database settings are fine, or the install script wouldn't have worked. Also it seems like data is written in data_bkt_m correctly. Regarding the maintenance script, if I decypher the log correctly, it seems to work, isn't it ? Or is there another way to see of the maintenance script is successful or not ? Cheers,
  7. Hello guys, I'm struggling (to say the least) to get Revive to show stats... I tried this : http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/No+Statistics Didn't work. I'm running manually the maintenance script http://myserverinstall.com/maintenance/maintenance.php doesn't seem to help much. I even tried setting the Maintenance Settings / Maintenance Operation Interval (minutes) to 5 minutes... I checked in the DB and I have my impressions recorded : My Banner logging settings are the defaults: My debug log doesn't seem especially buggy to me: https://dropshare-files.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/debug-hV4VIksx7s.log I am CLUELESS... Any tips / ideas maybe ? Thanks guys, CHeers,
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