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  1. We did tried that with CORS change by .htaccess but it does not work. Are we still missing something from our end? This is really something which we're not able to figure-out. Really appreciate all your help.
  2. We've tried to add "Access-Control-Allow_Origin" in asyncspc.php file but its still not working. Please suggest what could be the possible reason of the ad not showing up. Really appreciate your help.
  3. Please find the link below. http://dev9.wesrch.com/sasss.php
  4. We already tried Async ad tags, but it shows blank i.e ads not showing up. Please help us out.
  5. We did tried to have it as per "Do not alter" option as well, however all we can see is a white blank section. As per your recommendation our Development team is going to upgrade it as well to 3.2.4. I've attached the source code which is visible after adding the code as "do not alter", but none of the ads are visible. Please check the attached snapshot.
  6. Yes i've checked on site directly and its working properly, however its not working when used through ReviveAdserver.
  7. I've tried my level best to find out the reasons why the Script similar to adsense is not working on revive. Version i'm using is 3.2.2. Live ad can be viewed in the back-end section of "banners" however after setting up as showed in FAQ section of Google adsense, the ads are not being showed. The only thing can be found is a blank screen in the ad unit. We've followed below step. 1) created an advertiser 2) Created an campaign within it. 3) Banner with "Create an HTML banner" section 4) Used google adsense as option 5) Linked to Zone as required.
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