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  1. I think I have this sorted.. I used the refreshed the invocation code each time....
  2. Yere I seem to get all three of the same adds no matter what I try.... Ive tried using all of the different codes...
  3. Ive made it work by installing it on another server I had... not ideal as it is not my stand alone adserver but Ill look to shifting it later.... When I did the php check it shows the version as PHP Version 5.2.17 but the cpanel Server information shows it as PHP Version 5.4.33 so that is interesting!!!!!!! I very much appreciate all the help..many thanks.. A
  4. Yes and all seems correct.... it appears that the php version is correct ..... wondering if I install a past version and then tried an upgrade?
  5. Im just trying to install v3.2.4 and have come up with the error page "" Detected problem: PHP version 5.3.0, or greater, was not detected. however php version installed is 5.4.33 ...is there something I am missing or can do to work around... many thanks. Alan
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