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  1. So is there any mobile app support? I need adserver for android (and later os) mobile apps. We are using them in controlled tablet environment. We have advertisers and our own inventory and need to show ads within our own apps. Can Revive Adserver be useful in this context? Thanks, Gene
  2. Hello, I would like to use Revive Adserver and any relevant plugins to display my own ad inventory (initially) within my own Android app running on tablets within the controlled environment. This app ecosystem is closed. In a simple case just need to run/stream video ads within one or more app on tablets, count impressions and other standard activities.. I looked up documentation and installed the adserver 3.2.4 with plugins. However, it looks like this is webpages oriented server. Any ideas on how to use it for mobile app? If any plugins are needed please point me to the plugins. Thanks, Gene
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