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  1. Yeah - plugin would be much better. Why did I not think about just adding $_REQUEST['foo']? BTW - if you could point me to any plugin that has been built using the 'addUrlParams' hook, or any documentation on how to build a plugin at all, that would be fabulous! Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I am using Revive as part of an RTB bidding platform. There are a ton of querystring variables that I want to pass through to the click and log URLs that are passed into the adjs call. When I add a new variable, so the URL is something like: http://localhost/revive/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=1&cb=52153050782&foo=bar The resulting javascript, which initiates the click and log URL's, does not contain foo=bar. I set about creating a plugin to allow this. +1 for an example plugin for every available hook! +1 for additional documentation! (I realize the irony here that the plugin framework was built while I was intimately involved with this project, and the documentation and examples should have come from my team :) ) After building a plugin based on the 'addUrlParams' hook, so the following componentParams get passed: "foo" => "{foo}" I realized that the values get URL encoded, so I cannot pass in a variable {foo} to be translated because it gets URL encoded. Am I missing something here? If not, can I submit a pull request where new values can be added in the config file? Thanks! Love, Scott
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