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  1. 8 minutes ago, femdom said:

    Ok thank you. I've just told my hosting to do it. They told me this ( so is it ok to do it this way?):

    we suggest enabling https without forced redirection to https

    Yes, you can also do this, although you might not get the full advantage of https. As your host suggests, enable https without forcing it as a start. Then log into your account using the https version of your site (as both http and https will be available) and test if everything works fine. Once you are happy that there are no problems, I suggest forcing https with htaccess.

  2. 29 minutes ago, femdom said:

    Any solution to your problem, I am about to do the same

    We moved over to https without issues. I forced https across out entire ad server using .htaccess which worked, but I still had to update all iframe invocation codes to https. Generally, there are 3 references to http resources per invocation code. After the https migration, new invocation codes were still being generated for http, so we still have to manually change the links to https. If you use JavaScript invocation codes, https works automatically.

  3. Hi,

    We are in the process of moving our site to SSL. In order for our site so comply with SSL, all content served in our site also has to be loaded over https. This includes ads served by our hosted Revive Adserver.

    I've had a look around and haven't been able to find a clear guide on how to move Revive Adserver to https.

    We'd like to change the entire adserver domain to https, including the ad serving. We mostly use iFrames.

    Anyone who has done this before and could provide some assistance?


  4. Hi,

    I'd like to set up a cron to run the maintenance on my installation, but I'd like to know if the script is running correctly.

    When I visit my maintenance file (http://..../maintenance/maintenance.php) in my browser, I get the following output:

    #!/usr/bin/php -q

    Is that the expected output? If not, any ideas on how I can get the script running correctly?

    When I check in the administration panel when the last maintenance was run, it doesn't match up with the time I ran the script from my browser.

    Just a note, I know how to actually get the cron set up and running, I'm just concerned regarding the output.



  5. Hi,

    I'm having trouble upgrading from 3.2.2 to 3.2.4.

    The update process runs smoothly, but once I swap around my folder names "adserver_new" and "adserver", I can't access the admin section.

    When I try to access the login page, I get a "Server 500" error, which points to some HTTP problem. The ad-serving works as expected.

    I suspect the problem might be permission related to the admin or plugin folders. All necessary folders have 777 permission, but it seems my web browser can't access the admin page.

    I can't see any problems in any log files.

    Anybody else having the same issue?

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