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  1. shep65

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    Even though it says maintenance is running, I get a message telling me it isn't when I log in I check the log and it hasn't run for 12 months I used parallels to schedule a task and run this script mydomain/httpdocs/revive/scripts/maintenance/maintenance.php Hopefully this will work Tony
  2. shep65

    No stats being recorded

    Thanks for the reply, I checked all the items on the page When I log in I get a prompt saying the maintenance has not been run in last 24 hrs I checked the maintenance tab and it says Automatic maintenance is running correctly. Tony
  3. Hi I've been running revive for a few years now, without any issues. Delivering banners to a phpbb forum One of my advertisers requested some stats for his banner and I noticed that for all banners, the stats stopped recording several months ago Is there a reason for this and how can I activate them again Many thanks Tony
  4. shep65

    Revive in phpbb

    Hi Hello, I'm new to the forum! I'm using revive adserver to deliver ads to a phpbb forum I have been using older versions of the software for many years with various versions of phpbb I recently had my banners running on a phpbb 3.1.5 forum, no problems, I used and extension to insert them into the templates I moved to 3.1.8 and the extension I was using no longer works, so I created my own events, but couldn't get banners to be displayed I used an old version of 3.1.8 to enable the use of the custom code extension I was using and now cannot get them to appear has anybody got any experience of using invocation code in the latest version of phpbb 3.1.* many thanks Tony