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  1. I am converting version 3.20 to 4.1.4. I have a question about copying the old datbase. Do files in the format of: phpads_z_0a3b6ae3ba54bcf5 need to be copied.
  2. I converted an old phpads ad server to revive. It worked great, but I have all of these files named like phpads_z_4dd415ff29c72154. I am guessing they are work files from the conversion process, but don't want to delete them if they are important. Anybody know if I can can trash these?
  3. I would like to check to see if there is an ad to be served in a zone before I generate the code to display the ad zone. Used to do something like this in the old OPENx version. Is there a way to do that in revive.
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