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    Gizmo reacted to Bobbins in Exclude Mobile Traffic   
    We have managed to achieve this, It is via the limations box but we done all the work for you .  by doing the following.
    1. Goto banner you do not want on mobile site.
    2. Goto delivery options and add the following limitation: Client - Useragent
    3.  Add this value: /Mobile|iP(hone|od|ad)|Android|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Kindle|NetFront|Silk-Accelerated|(hpw|web)OS|Fennec|Minimo|Opera M(obi|ini)|Blazer|Dolfin|Dolphin|Skyfire|Zune/  This will cover 98% of mobile users. Enter it exactly how it is above even with / at the beginning and end. The remaining 2% will be mobile users that have pre historic OS so any website built after 2004 wouldnt load of this type of device anyways so no worries in covering them.
    4. Delete certain cache files to make change's instant or wait 20mins.
    Location of cache files: var/cache
    Files to remove: anything that starts with deliverycache_
    Hope that helps
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    Gizmo reacted to bigblue in Mobile Targeting   
    Figured out how to serve to desktops. I posted it here:
    Follow the directions except change "regex does not match" to "regex match" and it should work to show only to mobile devices.
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    Gizmo reacted to horseguards in MobileDetect.net   
    It would be great to have http://mobiledetect.net/ integrated with Revive-Adserver.
    I have to hand-code a very basic way to show narrower banners in mobile than in desktop. I reckon that the huge majority of Revive users would be happy to see such feature. Even as a paid plugin.
    We could have several banner sizes per zone to cater for all screen sizes, Retina for iOS, etc.
    Thank you!
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    Gizmo got a reaction from Bart in Mass Import Banners   
    would be great to mass import banners in a campaign, instead of having to upload each banner seperately
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