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  1. I'm running an AWS instance that utilizes Webuzo's Revive Ad Server installation. I'm not sure if this matters, but the Webuzo installer creates a new linux user, let's call it 'adserver', then has a public_html and www folder inside that user folder to manage the installation. Long story short, the IP has changed on the instance and I'm getting a 404 for any revive url, including the admin panel and root url / new IP. I updated the config files in /var/ with the new IP, but no dice still. Is there some way to 'reinitialize' Revive, maybe by running the init.php again or removing the INSTALLED filed in config and /var/ ? The DB isn't remote... Webuzo runs it off of localhost, so on the actual EBS volume I'm guessing. I'm totally lost here. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
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