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  1. Ok, thanks Andrew. Kind of thought that would be the answer. Using adserver on some school news/sports pages and iframe works great to rotate ads. But needed to have 3-4 ads displayed at once with rotation. Understand what you are saying about iframes and their lack of communications with each other, was just hoping for magic bullet:)
  2. I was going to start a topic on this subject but found this one. Being new here not sure if cool to step in to a thread with my own questions? If not cool, let me know. From what I gather here it is basically impossible to use 3-4 iframe ads on same page and expect them to show different ads all the time? Even if you insert different random numbers and activate Insert Cache-Busting code? Thanks!
  3. Totally digging Revive and the plugins! Thought I would pass on issue was having and how I solved. When trying to access the "Video Ads - Player Info" area always got an error (like 404 or 403 can't remember) and just gave up. Got some spare time and looking at the files in the videoReport folder, saw that many were set to 777. Changed them to 755 and everything started working. I am sure it is known that many servers puke at 777 these days so 755 should maybe be default? Thanks for the great platform, we use it for many school related projects and helps us make a few bucks:) Susan
  4. Such a wonderful platform with no way to setup client area with automatic billing. Sure wish there was official page approved by revive showing safe plugins. Would help much as very easy to get plugins with harmful code...
  5. Having issue with 404 error that just cannot figure out. Different searches here on forum produced no result, so... When I am in area at URL: https://xxxx.info/x/www/admin/zone-edit.php?affiliateid=1&zoneid=1 and click on "Linked Banners" tab, end up with 404 error with URL: https://xxxx.info/x/www/admin/zone-include.php?affiliateid=1&zoneid=1 Have not noticed any other errors in any other areas, just this one. Any ideas what could be causing this? My setup is: Revive Adserver v3.2.2 running on Apache 2.4.16, PHP 5.5.30 and MySQL 5.5.47-cll. New install about 24 hours ago (used softaculous on cPanel), only one test client. Standard plugins, no new ones installed. I have been able to setup a test text banner and add it to remote site, all good. Stats area also report this morning. Many thanks in advance for input. Susan
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