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  1. I like to add Banner delivery limitatios. When I select a Banner, select "Delivery Options". There are no entries in the "Add delivery limitations" dropdown list. My Revive Installation is version 3.0.4. with PostgreSQL. The Basic installation has been upgraded since phpAdsNew 2.8.x I rather can't tell when it has become broken. Am I'm missing here something? Best regards, Holger
  2. In the inventory you can select to show active/all banners. There is no option to show only the deacivated banners/campaigns. This could be quite handy and should easy to implement. Best regards, H. Mitterwald
  3. I found out that the german translation is somehow rather outdated - many Strings are missing. Has anybody some advice, how to (automatically) add the missing strings. Working with diff is somehow rather useless. Best regards, Holger Mitterwald
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