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    magicmulder reacted to Matteo Beccati in Asynchronous loading and the <ins> tag   
    Hi, we basically went with whatever Google Adsense seemed to be using. Ads were supposed to be wrapped whithin an iframe, so the whole point is moot. We then decided to also allow ads without an iframe and I think that's where the problem comes from.
    However, I believe the problem can be easily solved. Could you please create an issue on github, referencing this forum thread?
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    magicmulder got a reaction from Richard Foley in Doubleclick plugin vs HTTPS   
    We've noticed that the Doubleclick plugin supplied with current Revive (3.2.2. and earlier) does not support injecting the click tag for Doubleclick banners embedded via HTTPS.
    A fix would be to change
    in lines 51, 52 to this:
    $search = array("/\[timestamp\]/i", "/(http:.*?;)(.*?)/i", "/(https:.*?;)(.*?)/i"); $replace = array("{random}", "$1click0={clickurl};$2", "$1click0={clickurl};$2");
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