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  1. The last two times we have upgraded, all the banner ad images have disappeared and have to be individually reloaded. Any idea whet is causing this?
  2. Thank you very much Matteo! We are trying that.
  3. Thanks for the effort elizarao, but you are not seeing the issue. I have no problem with empty banners. My problem is that contract campaigns will not deliver evenly over the term of the contract. Matteo or Andrew, I would appreciate some input!
  4. That doesn't make sense. You set a start date and an end date and it should serve the impressions evenly over the time frame. That's how every ad server works. If you set a campaign to serve 600,000 impressions over 6 months, it should serve around 100,000 impressions a month. The primary purpose of ad serving software is to serve contract campaigns.
  5. This happens with every contract campaign I start in every zone. Is there anything other than the maintenance script that would be causing the problem? I've been getting by weighting remnant campaigns, but that isn't going to work any more. I sure would like to get this resolved.
  6. Here's what I'm getting from our host.
  7. Yes on the remnant campaigns. I use Server Stack to run my ad server. They advertised as OpenX experts. I have asked them numerous times to check the maintenance script and they assure me that it is running properly. We used OpenX for many years on our own servers without problems, but between growth and hacking issues we decided to give Server Stack a try.
  8. Every time I start a contract campaign, it serves most of the inventory in the first month. I can't get it to serve impressions evenly over the long term. What is causing this? Thanks! Example:
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