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  1. Hi, I just did and they are identical. Not sure why they have been reported as changed but it looks like it is a false alarm. Thank you very much!
  2. it also highlighted as suspicious revive/lib/OA.phpHowever I did a file comparison between my local files on the staging environment and the files on the production site and they are identical (both based on Revive 3.2.2). It must be a false positive, right?
  3. Hi there, A security software that I use in my website runs a scan on php files every 24 hours to check for changes and when detected it provides a threat score. Normally only cache files change but today it has been the first time i see two libraries in the Revive Adserver installation have changed and a high threat score has been given to these files. they are: revive/lib/smarty/internals/core.smarty_include_php.phprevive/lib/smarty/internals/core.run_insert_handler.phpI did not upgrade anything on the Revive Installation which is on the latest version 3.2.2. Did these libraries get updated
  4. Not too impressed with the support here :(
  5. Hi, I created the following github issue, but nothing seems to happen... https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/660 How do I know that you are looking into it? Thanks
  6. If emails are being generated with two “To Headers”, shouldn't this be treated as a bug rather than an enhancement?
  7. Hi there, I just installed Revive 3.2.2 and doing a bit of testing with the default setup. I configured a test advertiser and some test banners and everything seems to be working OK appart from the email reports. The automatic email reports are being generated by Revive but they get blocked by my host's email server. Looking at the email logs the issue seems to be that the email reports are being generated with two “To Headers” which make the email server discard them. From the logs: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: host xxxxxxxx.com [IP.IP.IP.IP]: 550 Messages sho
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