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  1. Hi Erik. I dont know why i've modified this operation interval a few years ago. The server doesnt have any problems with the 5GB DB but the backups are quit large. How many years will be stored in these tables? endless or? If im correct there was a setting for that in the past but not any more.
  2. Hi, i'm use openX / Revive for many year. One of the websites with a lot of traffic is getting some issues. A quick database backup is at this moment 5GB+.... most of this data is in de the table: -ox_data_intermediate_ad (2.8GB) - ox_data_summary_ad_hourly (1.4GB) the question is, is there a possibility to optimize or cleanup this tables so the data isnt stored for years etc? a solution would be great. ps at this moment im using version: Revive Adserver v3.0.2 . ps2: there is also an error shown on the update page that it isnt possible to catch data if there is a new version.
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