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  1. Finally able to solve the above mentioned scenario. Here is the solution which I followed. Might not be most ideal, but it worked for me. After installation of Server on instance A which is connected to Mysql server, deployed the Revive AdServer code into Server root directory. Overwritten the configuration files of revive server code in Server Instance B. Manually resolved conflicts and cluster is working super good now. Both instances are talking to single Mysql server. @Ian van : Thank you for responding :)
  2. Hi, I would like deliver interstitial video Ads with Revive AdServer similar to the following link : http://gallery.smartadserver.com/smart-video-interstitial-2-outstream-ad-format. Can anyone please suggest if this can be achievable with Revive AdServer. If possible, kindly suggest the outline to achieve it. Appreciate the help Thanks & Regards, Badam Santhosh
  3. In Revive AdServer, I need to pass list of values [ ab, bc, cd ] to site variable and to display banner only when value matches to any one of the string in mentioned list. I would like to use Revive Adserver site-variable functionality. But I could only pass string as value. Can anyone please let me know if mentioned behavior can be achieved with site-variable or is there any other preferable way to do it. Appreciate the help.
  4. Hi all, I bought Vidix plugin, when I tried to test it with generated VAST invocation code with video js player ( http://theonion.github.io/videojs-vast-plugin/ ) am seeing the following response: "You are requesting vast xml for zone which does not appeared to be a video overlay banner nor a vast inline banner." I verified that zone is of type 'Inline Video Ad' , probability is 100% and there are no limitations. Also vast invocation code generates proper xml when hit on the browser. Can someone please guide me
  5. Hi Jason, Did you find a way to specify bit rate for VAST Ads?
  6. Hi team, I want to have two revive adservers pointing to single database. Load balancer will run on top of these ad servers and IP of load balance will be my end point and images will be stored in shared folder of CDN. I installed mysql server in machine A. Installed revive ad server in machine B by connecting to database in the machine A. When I try to install the revive ad server in the machine C with the same database name, database user and database password, the following error is seen. Your database contains an old OpenX configuration table: rv_preferences. If you are trying to up
  7. Hi team, I want to set up revive adserver where database is hosted in another machine. Created mysql database with user and granted all the privileges to the user . Also created a database by name 'revive_3'. Though I specify the correct details ( database name, username, password, database host ), on trying to connect to database during web installation set up of Revive, am seeing the following error. MDB2 Error: connect failed connect: [Error message: Can't connect to MySQL server [Native code: 2003] [Native message: Can't connect to MySQL server Note that php-mysql lib are instal
  8. Hi team, I am a newbie to Revive AdServer. Thank you for releasing much useful AdServer as open source. Started exploring the revive Adserver. In this path, I got struck at a place where I tried to use invocation tag generated at website level to make 'Single Page Call' to render multiple banners in single html. Campaign is set up with zones and banners. I was able to render each banner using either java script or iframe. But when I tried to use single page call, only the banner associated with 1st zone is getting rendered. I have three zones with ids 1,4,5. Below tag is placed in
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