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  1. My host does not have a version of php (They will not upgrade soon either) that will allow me to upgrade to revive-adserver. Is there anything I should do to secure openx2.8.10 in the meantime?
  2. My host says they have a maintained version of php 5.4.4 where they fix bugs. Anyway. I tried a fresh installation and when I look at the errors during Revive installation it looks like Revive is trying to install openX.... plugins? 1 example: Installation of plugin 'openXVideoAds' failed: Server returned: 500 Internal Server Error Also there is a "UPGRADE" blank file in the "var" folder. But I'm doing a fresh install. Will this "UPGRADE" file be a problem? I tried deleting it but then the Install won't run at all.
  3. So I'm stuck on openx 2.8 until my host decides to upgrade the php version on the server?
  4. Found the issue!! I was following the upgrade instructions so carefully I didn't notice that when I went to WWW.mydomain.com/adserver_new, it actually automatically redirected to the non WWW url http://mydomain/adserver_new..... but my conf file was named www.mydomain...... and was thus being ignored. As soon as I removed the "www" from the beginning of my conf file the upgrade screen came up instead of the install screen. Why does the install redirect automatically to the non WWW version ??????? This drove me insane for weeks! But now when I click agree on the first screen, I get a 500 Internal error. Steps I did: 1: upload revive 3.0.2 to a new folder called "adserver_new" 2: made a copy of the openx database. 3: downloaded the openx conf.php file edited it in notepad with the new copied database connection details (dbname,user,password). 4: uploaded the edited conf.php file to adserver_new/var 5: browsed to folder "adserver_new" got the upgrade screen. Clicked "I agree" . get to "http://mydomain.com/adserver_new/www/admin/install.php?action=check" with "500 Internal Server Error". What did I do wrong?
  5. So by just having the old config file from openx uploaded to the _new directory in "var", it should run an upgrade instead of an install? Because I have tried about 10 times, and it runs the install each time and not an upgrade. Could I send FTP details to someone to check?
  6. Think I might be missing a very importent step when upgrading from openx to revive. Do I first need to do a fresh install of revive in "adserver-new" (according to guide). And once the installation is complete, then replace the config file to point to an old copy of the openxdb, and then when I browse to "adserver-new" I will get the upgrade screen?
  7. Its like the installer doesn't see my config file. I edited the config file with the new db details (dbname, user, password) in windows notepad. Must I edit anything else in the config file? any of the paths? These are the lines I changed (with ******s): [database] type=mysql host=localhost socket="/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock" port=3306 username=********* password=********* name=********* persistent= mysql4_compatibility=1 protocol=tcp compress= ssl= capath= ca=
  8. I am attempting to upgrade my openx v.2.8.10 to Revive 3.0.2 I have followed all the upgrade instructions, but when I try to finally run the upgrade, I get the Revive installation screen and I am asked from db details. Is there a step missing in the upgrade instructions to make The revive installer recognize that it is performing an upgrade? if openx was using table prefix ox_ then must I use ox_ in the installation instead of rv_? Just guessing here. Need help.
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