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  1. I have to change the random number manually in the MailChimp template to allow the banners to cycle because I am using the JavaScript embed because I have more than 1 banner that I need to link. It is my experience and understanding that the email zone will only allow you to link one banner at a time. Therefore I am setting up a regular zone and cycling in 5 banners to one zone that will display randomly. If I do not manually create a random number the banner does get cached in every browser and many computers that I personally tested. Even when you change a banner the image link remains the same therefore the image is cached. The banner in your inventory changes but not in the cached version on individual browsers. No MailChimp does not allow or is willing to share a way to randomly generate a number. If you know of a better way please share. I am beating my head against the keyboard trying to figure this out. My scenario is this: 5 banners, 1 email zone, 8am daily email, banner needs to randomly display each day. Thanks again in advance,
  2. We use MailChimp and have started to flow ads into our email. The problem is I do not know how to create a random number with mailchimp. So anytime I change banners I have to edit my MialChimp template. Surly there is a way around this? I have a zone set up and about 3 banners linked to that zone. I know if I set Revive to an email zone I can only link 1 banner at a time. Thanks in advance for any help.
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